Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's been a good day!

He walked in the door about 8 pm last night. I suggested making a rare treat of Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy, he said that sounded GREAT...so about 5:30 I started on that, and was hoping he'd be home by 7, but as luck would have it it took forever for everything to get done....mostly because I cook the chicken VERY slowly, to make sure it gets cooked thoroughly and we were literally sitting down at the table just as he walked in! So we had dinner together as a family. Everything was great. The boys jumped up from the table so fast and Emma looked at him very cautiously! She wasn't too sure about Daddy, he looked a little different (he'd shaved his head while he was out in the field and that changes his look a little. She was warming up to him by the end of the evening, but still kept coming back to me, I'm sure  by the end of the week she'll be back to being crazy about him! :)

Today has been good, Jacob got his school work finished and then I had to be up at the chapel by 11:30 for registration for a retreat the chapel's hosting down to Garmish at Edelweiss ( it's a military resort that we LOVE!). We'll be there over Jordyn's birthday actually, so I hope we can do something very special down there on her birthday, not sure what yet, but we'll make her birthday special for our family. She'd be turning 10 yrs old and that is just so hard for me to imagine.

Chad has to work late pretty well every day this week, they are cleaning weapons, vehicles, and getting everything turned in that needs to be turned in! Tomorrow we have a FRG meeting, not sure if he'll make it home before I have to head over for that, so most likely the kids will go with me, thankfully there's a playroom there. He does have a 4 day weekend this weekend, to make up for the one they lost while they were out in the field (President's Day weekend) so on Friday we're going to go to Schweinfurt to go to their Spring Bazaar! I'm so excited there's somethings I wanted to get at ours, but didn't have the money for it and wanted to talk to Chad first before I got it!!

Tomorrow is PWOC, then the FRG meeting in the evening, Thursday the boys have dentists apts both of them. Saturday we're going to a place called Tuckerland's. It's by Nurenburg Airport and it's just a play place. They have all kinds of things for the kids to do, they love it, it's close, and cheap! Sunday is church and Awana, Monday I hope we can get some things done around here.


Not sure if I'll have a chance to get back on here. I'm going to be spending less time on here, at least while we still have Chad so I'll try to update once a week.



crewsfour said...

I'm glad Chad made it home safely and the kids are enjoing him.  Dinner sounds like it was delicious - I'm now thinking I should make fried chicken for dinner :-)   It appears that you guys are going to be very busy over the next week or so.  Enjoy your time together and take care.   Leene

dasajam1 said...

Christy- thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments.  Your words really help me.  By all means please share the Illegal imigrant information on your site!  I believe will try and find that book.  And now I am hungry for fried chicken!

hmschlmommy7 said...

Enjoy your family, Christy!  Glad to hear Chad is ((really)) home!  Lotsa love and hugs!


happysunshien said...

you have to do whats best for you woman and your family...love you thinking about you...


chat2missie said...

Enjoy your week.

star2426 said...

mmm, fried chicken sounds amazing! Have a nice week with Chad and your kids

ksgal3133 said...

I'm glad he is home :)


springangel235 said...

Sounded like a great day.  I don't blame you for spending a lot of time with your dear husband...have a wonderful time...hugs and love,

fairylaura said...

Wowza! The kids are getting so big! Not to mention the lovely Ms. Emma! ADORABLE! Glad you guys are all well.
Is Chad deploying soon? I should see my honey in July for R&R. YAY! Can't wait!

cvgflydis said...

Oh, yeah! Freid Chicken, mashed taters..........So glad he is home and all is good......I know it feels womderful to have everyone ALL together!
Jordyn's birthday.......10 years old.........wow. I'd have to make a cake and I think it's wonderful that you are still celebrating! A GREAT way to keep her spirit alive for the boys and Emma!

Enjoy your having Mr. MANLY home! Hugs!


ekgillen said...

I do the same thing with fried chicken!  It needs to be DONE!