Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

Happy Spring y'all! We got snow this morning, well we've been getting snow every day, but the ground is too warm for it to stick around. The snow flakes this morning were the size of quarters. They were so beautiful. The wind picked up at some point and Jackson said it looked like a snow tornado! In the afternoon our FRG (Family Readiness Group) had free bowling, so we went. The boys had a blast. I bowled too it was fun, I'm not good! LOL When we were leaving we were standing out talking to a friend and it started to hail. The boys thought it was FABULOUS! LOL It was no bigger than pepples, so it didn't hurt, but I made them get in the car none the less. It all stopped by the time we got home 5 minutes later.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow and Saturday and hopefully that will be it. Of course in the last few days it's snowed more than it did all winter, not that it stuck, but still more! LOL In Southern Germany they got a lot more snow, just east of us they got more, it's just where we are at it often doesn't snow much here. Our first winter here was just a fluke I think because of all the snow we got that year.

I updated Heather's page, so please go and send love and prayers. I print off the guestbook entries and we're compiling them into a notebook that Scott then takes and he reads them aloud to Heather. She may not be able to hear him since she's sedated, but if she can then that's awesome and if not then when she wakes up my will she have lots and lots of reading to do! So far just short of 300 people have signed her guestbook, over 2200 visitors to her page! It's just awesome I tell you how God's moving through her, around her, and because of her! Our God is an AWESOME GOD I tell you!

Well, we have an Easter Egg hunt we're doing with a friend tomorrow, plus I have either a soup or sandwiches I need to make tomorrow for the Hospitality House. I'm wanting to make a soup, just have to decide what kind. Maybe a wild rice, it sounds good to me!

God Bless

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deshelestraci said...

Snow is fun when it doesn't stick around too long!  
I'm going to Heather's page now.