Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heading to Bed

Before I drift off to sleep thought I'd share some pictures over the last couple of weeks. Emma turned 7 months last Monday and on Monday I got the box I'd been waiting on...with her new bows in it! I LOVE them! I'm a rather girly girl when I want to be and I WANT to dress my baby up and have her looking all girly too! There's some pictures of the boys in here too! We spent Monday outside most the day (yesterday), it was nice in the 50's, the sun was shining! We grilled some burgers and ate at the picnic table! Oh Emma is officially crawling on her knee's, pretty well all the time. She's also taken up to sucking her thumb. I've NEVER had a thumb sucker. She went through a phase of sucking on her fingers, then quit and now does the thumb. She ONLY sucks it when she's tired and after she's nursed, right before she falls asleep. I'm hoping that if she continues this little habit I can get her broke up it by the time she's 18 months old, I don't want it to mess with her teeth (when she finally gets them in). Everyone's been enjoying having Chad home. We're planning on going to an indoor water park this weekend. Chad wants to do something every weekend until he leaves, which is good with me! We're thinking in mid April we're going to go to Czech Rep!!! It's less than 2 hrs driving and they have flea markets with so many awesome things, but most us women go there for 1 thing...NAME BRAND purses and wallets! I'm talking Coach, Louie Vutton, Gucchi, not the knock off's either and for less than $10.00! I'm so going to get me a purse and hopefully matching wallet and prob. pick up some as gifts too!!! :) My sweet wonderful friend Bobbie (I'll use her name since I'm private now) her twin (identical) sister is coming over in mid April for their birthday and we're all going (Chad too)! I can not wait! I can't wait to meet her sister, I'm so excited! Bobbie and I are so much alike. I just absolutely LOVE her! There are not a lot of people that I want to just stay with throughout our military career, but Bobbie is one I do! We're hoping our next duty station is together, we're all looking at going to Alaska! I told her the only way I'd go is if she's there with me!! I don't know why Alaska freaks me out so much. I know it'll be beautiful, we'll be outside A LOT, I just really want to be able to go there and already know I have a friend there! We see each other almost everyday. She's the sister I never had! I'm her "triplet"! ROFL!! Anyways...I'm excited to meet her sister and I know it'll be just what SHE needs right now, with her dh deployed right now.


Ok, I'm off to bed! I'll try to write a decent entry tomorrow or Thursday!


God Bless



dasajam1 said...

What BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!!  WOW....Emma is gonna be a heart breaker!  I wanna go to the flea markets too!  Take me!!!!!!

pinkkitty88 said...


hmschlmommy7 said...

Sounds like lots of fun!  It's so good that you're making so many wonderful memories!

I like your new look, btw.



bhbner2him said...

All of your children are beautiful!!!!  But then, you knew that.  ;o)  - BArbara

cvgflydis said...

Pictures are great! I think Emma looks LOTS like her Mommy! My youngest is/was a thumb sucker. He's pretty much out of it now, but occasionally, I'll sneak in his room before I go to bed to check on him and that little thumb is in his mouth. I've never tried to stop him from doing it, but I'm guessing somewhere around 2.5, he kinda quit on his own. (Except for....the occasional sleep sucking)

LUCKY YOU on the coach bags, etc! That's awesome!

Have a great day!!!


chat2missie said...

Emma is adorable with those bows!

springangel235 said...

Emma is so cute...enjoyed all the photos.  Alaska would freak me out too...but good you will have friends to keep you company!!!  Have a great week...hugs and love,

star2426 said...

I love the bows! Lucky you for getting to go to the Czech Rep with all those name brands. Have fun!

ekgillen said...

Awesome pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

deshelestraci said...

It's as shame your kids aren't that cute...HA!  Emma looks just like you!  Very fun pictures.