Monday, March 31, 2008

Goodbye Pounce

Well today has been a lazy day and turned into a sad one. The kids slept until 9 am! Oh that was soooo nice. Germany had their time change, springing forward Sunday. It's been ugly as I think it is for everyone. I'd love for it to continue (the sleeping in that is) but I have a meeting in the morning and PWOC on Wednesday and then on Thursday we're flying to Ireland! We'll be there from the 3rd to the 10th. We got a minivan reserved! So excited I tell you!

So onto the sad.....I had our cat put down. Not the one we got the kids for Christmas, but the one we got back in 2005. He's suffered with UTI's since we got him, he's been having some bleeding issue's recently and it started back today and he got another UTI today too, so I called the vet office and they said they could take him today. I dropped the boys off with my friend and Emma and I took Pounce to the vet. They were very kind and loving and so gentle with him and me included. He was 10 yrs old and honestly I think he spent a great many of his years in pain from constant UTI's, I hope he felt loved while he was with us and knew we decided to do this with love and compassion for him.

The boys took it hard. I just let them cry and get it out and am prepared that there will possibly be more tears. The evening's been pretty quiet. Whiskers has no one to go torchure (Pounce) so she's hung out in the living room and just slept.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning, will come home throw some clothes into the washer, then head downtown to get a couple pairs of jeans for Jacob so he has more than 2 pair (his others all have holes in the knees).

Thank you for all the loving comments for Jordyn's birthday, they mean so much to me.

God Bless



chat2missie said...

Poor Pounce.  I think you did the right thing.

jfourb said...

Rest in peace Pouce. You were loved so much.

My son has holes in the knees of most of his jeans, some of them have two holes. I think its a boy thing. How did you know your cat had UTI's? I have cats and I don't know what the syptoms would be for that. It sounds like you have a wonderful vet.

Hugs, Julie

manda2177 said...

I'm so sorry honey!!!  What a tough couple of days.  Thank goodness the Lord has such faith in yout strength and confidence in your will.

You are such a precious, precious child of God.  I am blessed to know you, and blessed to be able to learn from you.


mumma4evr said...

awww...bye Pounce

lv2trnscrb said...

you did the right thing with Pounce as hard as it was, Christy. In a way, it was good it happened before your trip; the boys will share the excitement of the trip and maybe help them feel a bit better about the loss of Pounce; but I agree with you, just let them cry it out; healthier than keeping it inside of them

can't wait to hear about Ireland; its my brother's/wife's favorite place overseas to visit


ksgal3133 said...

I am so sorry about your cat!

cvgflydis said...

Poor little guys. It's really hard on them, when an animal dies.

I was pregnant with Aaron when I happened outside on Christmas Eve morning and found one of the 5 strays, we were feeding, frozen to death, in the neighbors yard. He didn't make it into the garage (although we left the garage door open enough for them to crawl under) the night before. Kids looked at me like I had a unicorn coming from my forehead, for being so upset.
He just died out there in the cold, all alone.

On the good news......So excited for your Ireland trip. Yeah, what's up with the knee holes on jeans. Major problem for us too.


ekgillen said...

I am sorry about Pounce.  It is always a hard decision~made harder when you know how hard your children are going to take it!

stupidsheetguy said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. I know that you were as attached as the kids were. Sad time for your family. I hope the boys get past their grief soon, so tough to see kids hurting, right?

sangrialel said...

i am so sorry about your cat!  Linda

nelishianatl said...

I'm so sorry about Pounce and the fact that everyone is hurting.  That's awfully sad.  He's not in pain and I'm sure he felt loved.


mikalsgrl said...

oh no Christy, I am sooooooooo very sorry about Pounce-but I know you gave him a very loving home and now he is pain free. I hope the boys are doing better. It must be so hard for them to lose their cat.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pounce...i can't imagine losing my will be very very hard...we get so attached to our pets...