Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sickness all around

Well Thursday Jackson was sick. He woke up a little before 5 am, and threw up all over my freshly laundered bedding! He proceded to throw up and have diarreah all morning, took a 3 1/2 hr nap and then the vomitting at least stopped. He got sick once yesterday. I felt sick to my stomach on Thursday and Friday, then last night it hit me. The vomitting that is. Good times I tell you, good times. Then last night Emma threw up. By the time her and I got up at 10 she'd thrown up 3 times, she was still nursing and not getting sick everytime so I knew she was still hydrated. She's thrown up 2 times since 10, but since about 2 pm she's not thrown up at all and she's nursed I think 4 times. She's in her swing now, chatting it up and smiling so I think she's on the med. Jacob woke up this morning, throwing up too.

The plan for today was that the boys were going to go to a friends house for a playdate. The friend is an American, but she's married to a German man and they have 2 boys (nonmilitary). Unfortunately since Jacob's sick they obviously couldn't go. Chad, Emma, and I were going to go to Graf and get our layway (Christmas) out...instead Jacob, Emma, and I stayed home and Jack and Chad went over there. Chad called me about an hour after he left and said he was about 10 minutes from the PX and Jack had just thrown up. Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh and Chad feels sick to his stomach too! (He had to go and get the layway, it was due out). So he had to buy Jack a new outfit and when I talked to him when he was at the commissary Jack was singing and dancing all around because he got a Scooby Shirt! ROFL Chad said he thinks he's better!


PLEASE pray that our family will get healthy. We rarely get sick and this is the first time all of us have gotten sick at the same time. Well I need to go get my bedding out of the dryers, it had to be washed again (Emma had thrown up on it).




mumma4evr said...

oh...hugs...I hate vomit...and htankfully the kids are old enough to help!!!!

crewsfour said...

I am sorry to hear everyone is so sick, that nasty little bug reared its head at our house last week.  Hope you make a swift recovery!!  Leene   PS Too funny about Jack and his shirt.

manda2177 said...

You got it sweety!  Prayers have been said anf will continue to be said for you and yours!

My family is going through the same thing right now... it is so hard... especailly when mommy and daddy aren't feeling well on top of caring for the little ones.

God bless-

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Awww I sure hope all of you feel better soon!


happysunshien said...

ickkkkyyyy....see i cant handle throw up...ickkkyy....if my kids are throwing up?  I am throwing up.....yucky yucky yucky....hope you all feel better soon!


candlejmr said...

Oh this is terrible!!!!!  The stomach virus is awful...especially when you have little ones that don't always get it in the right place!!!  I hope it's a fast moving bug and that by tomorrow, everyone is back to their own, fun selves!


bhbner2him said...

Oh, joy!  God bless you all.  -  Barbara

sangrialel said...

I hope your all feeling better soon.  Linda

janid731 said...

So sorry that you are all sick!  Will be praying for a quick recovery!!!


chat2missie said...

Hope everyone gets well quick!

jckfrstross said...

its going around here too:( praying for a quick recovery


ksgal3133 said...

Sending prayers your way!


nelishianatl said...

It sounds absolutely awful.  I do remember those years when the washer and dryer were in constant use during the cold season as it seemed if one of my children got it, then they all got it. At the same time.  So sorry everyone feels yucky and I'm LOL about the Scooby shirt.  
Prayers for everyone's healing.  You need a break.