Thursday, December 20, 2007

pictures & update




Here's some pictures. There's pictures in here from when we went to Nurnburg Christmas Market, from our local Christmas Market, only one picture of a local Nativity Showed up. I should explain that the Nativities are not living Nativities...but beautiful porclein, hand carved, some card cut outs, etc only one of the pictures I took actually turned out, since we couldn't use our flash inside the churches they didn't turn out well, there's pictures of the kids! So...Enjoy! :)





So our evening was a little eventful. Chad came home with 8 gifts from the chapel Angel tree. They fill the tree up with names from every unit on post's children I'm not sure what the rank cut off is, but that's how they do it...I'm not really sure what happened but Chad went to our Bn chaplains office and there were 8 gifts total...he got home and realized that 1 was for Emma and then 7 were for Jackson, none for Jacob. So we went into our room and opened them up. There was clothing, all too small and a few toys that I would not allow the boys to play with, so Chad took them back to the PX and exchanged them for right size and a couple toys they are allowed to play with, got things for Jacob and actually got one more thing for Emma. We felt bad yet the clothing wouldn't have fit and the toys would have been taken away. I'm really strict on certain things. So....that went ok. We do feel so blessed that the kids get extra gifts, totally unnecessary, but such a blessing. We donate gifts to the Angel Tree as well, so it's a nice circle of love! :)


While Chad was gone I told the boys to get the playroom picked up, and Jacob popped an attitude with me. He got into a lot of trouble. When Chad came home, he had a long talk with him, and eventually Jacob came in and apologized and truly meant it. Then after the boys were in bed, Jack got up for the umpteenth time and I  was at the end of my rope and he got in trouble too. Tomorrow's got to be a better day.


Oh I forgot. I took Jacob to the clinic this morning, he saw the triage nurse and she made an apt for Dec 28. He has these bumps all over his shoulders, chest, and back. Jack has in the past gotten these same bumps on the back of his legs, but of course by the time I got an apt they were gone. The nurse said to take a picture of Jacob's bumps, she said she honestly didn't know what they were. One of them looked like a white head (I know gross), I had ran my finger across it and it popped (gross again I know) but they don't look like pimples, more like blisters, but they don't hurt him at all. So hopefully we'll get an answer as to what they are and can get rid of them. So if you'd say a prayer that we can figure out what in the world it is, I'd appreciate it.




manda2177 said...

One thing I have learned through mt intensive research with my own children is that a skin rash or bumps are a suggestion of an internal problem.  Like bad food, exposure to a virus, a bacteria... one excellent, and I mean EXCELLENT, way of treating them is a 24 hour fast.  The body can focus 100% of its energy on fighting the "toxin" that is causeing the outbreak.  Now, this is nearly impossible with children... (for a zillion reasons) so the next best bet is all raw food.  Frutis, raw veggies, lots and lots of water (their body weight in ounces) and NO sugar or starches.  These are tried and true methods of treating the CAUSE of the illness, not just the symptom...(the outbreak)

BUT!  I will pray anyway! lol  Can't wait to get your Christmas card... I sent yours off yesterday!

Many blessings to you and your...


Great pics by the way!  You are SOOOO good about that, and your family will thank you someday!

pixiedustnme said...

ok, not sure what this post says because i just refuse to read a journal where i can't figure out how to turn off the annoying music - and Ashley Tisdale?  really??

jckfrstross said...

what a nice thing a angel tree:) will pray they can figure out what the bumps are and why he keeps getting them


janid731 said...

Would love to hear if they find out what the bumps are on your daughter is having the same thing though we haven't taken her to the doctor yet. They are mainly on her legs and shoulders. She's had them since Sunday. They don't seem to bother her at all...I am wondering if it is just from dry skin as we have super hard water and with the cold we are all itchy and dry. I figure we have her 1 year appointment next week so if they are still there they can check it then but why pay double the money if it's not bothering her! (Is that bad?)

Have a great day!


sangrialel said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!  I loved them.  I think kids get so excited around Christmas that they just lose control at moments!!  Linda

chat2missie said...

I loved all the pictures!

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Love the pics...of the kids cute!!
The one of Jacob looking down at Emma with his
hand on her head is just priceless!!

Hope you have a great weekend


ekgillen said...

Great pics!!!