Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For Opinionated Kelly

So little miss I haven't blogged in weeks myself, Kelly informed me today that it's been over a week since I blogged anything, so here it is! I'm exhausted so I don't see this being long unless I get a huge 2nd wind all of a sudden (don't hold your breath). Life's been fine. Christmas shopping is complete, just have to get everything mailed and that includes cards (sorry to those who I'm sending cards to, they're going to be late and our PX does not have any Germany cards this year, so you'll have to get what ever I find!)

We went and did a short tour of a few of the Nativities around town in the churches, I really want to go see more before they're put away for the year, so hopefully we can do that. We also went to our local Christmas market after the Nativity walk (that was on Saturday), that's where I finished my Christmas shopping). It was a fun day, but it was absolutely frigid. Little Miss Emma was all bundled up, the boys were, and of course Chad and I were. Our high on Saturday was 32 and I'm really not sure we accomplished it. There was a wind too, so it was just frigid. But it was one of those cold, but beautiful days! At times the sun would shine so brightly and then the clouds would come. I do wish we'd get some snow, my thought is if it's going to be cold give me snow! At least when it's cold and there's snow on the ground you can go out and enjoy it. If it's just cold,'s just cold!


Sunday was church and we had our Christmas program. Jacob sang in the children's choir. They sounded great, the whole program was really good. We had Awana that night and now we're on a two week Christmas and New Years break. I have to say I'm pretty exhausted so I'm happy for a break! Monday I spent my day wrapping family and friends gifts, that need to be mailed out (which hopefully will tomorrow/Thursday). Tuesday I didn't do much, just laundry which btw I'm caught up now on!! Wahoo! Today I had PWOC, which we had our Christmas Program and it went wonderfully. Then after that my friend took the boys home with her and I went to another friends house to look at the boys, Santa present. This year they're getting one combined one...a Cat! She's beautiful! She doesn't have a name so they'll get to name her. She's black with dark grey stripes, but she's not tiger striped! When we get her, I'll of course take pictures. She's so sweet and beautiful and likespeople!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to seeing the boys faces when they see her!! I do need to see if I can find some red ribbon to put on her cage! They are absolutely going to flip their lid! LOL After I went and visited her and talked to my friend (who's going to bring her over on Christmas Eve after the boys are in bed!!!).

I'll add some pictures tomorrow because aol is being stupid and wants me to upgrade and I don't feel like upgrading and no way I can do it tonight!


God Bless



jckfrstross said...

Merry Christmas:)


emabecmar said...

I would love to see the expression on your boys faces when they see the cat. It will definately be a kodak moment. I have not even started my christmas shopping yet. I hope you get some snow. (((((((hugs))))))

nelishianatl said...

I look forward to your pictures.  You have a card coming.  Hope you get it this year.  I love live Nativities.  I'm so happy about the cat.  I hope I get one for Christmas.  Get some rest.  


pixiedustnme said...

oh right, just what you need in that house - another mouth to feed ;-)  ROFL  Sounds like the holiday season has been quite a treat over there.  I managed to get a Christmas tree up, which I may add I haven't done in a few years!  And princess is most certainly NOT getting a CAT for Christmas.  I'll make sure to tell her you're getting one for the boys though so she can tell me that you're a better mom than I am ;-)  I can't wait to see the pictures from the Nativities.  Make sure you include some of the kids!  Kelly (the opinionated one....)

sangrialel said...

We will be doing our Christmas program at church on Sunday and again on Christmas eve.  I am looking forward to seeing it!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!  Linda

nay0114 said...

Pets are great presents. They're gonna love that. I think everyone is tired. I usually write everyday and now my entries are a day behind and it's all I can do to stay awake and I'm usually a night owl. Maybe the cold has gotten to me that's why bears sleep all winter.
Take care, Chrissie (DSD)

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Ohhh they will just love the cat...can't wait to see pics!
I was afraid my card would be late getting to you....I have been so far behind this year on everything...we just got our tree up

Have a great weekend