Thursday, November 8, 2007

Praying for Health

Jackson (4) just woke up a few minutes ago feeling sick and then proceeding to get sick (in the toilet thankfully). Jacob (6) who was just sick yesterday is feeling sick AGAIN. Please be in prayer for our household that this will pass quickly and that Emma and I will remain healthy. Emma's so small that if she gets this, most likely she'd be admitted to make sure she didn't get dehydrated. I do breastfeed so she's getting all the extra antibodies to help keep it away and the boys haven't had a ton of contact with her today. Jacob more than Jack.

Please also pray that I stay healthy. Me being sick just isn't possible...not with Chad out in the field for still 2 more weeks, a 3 month old and the boys. I simply can't afford to be sick.


Thank you and God Bless


ksgal3133 said...

Sending many prayers your way!


janid731 said...

Will definately be praying for you! Hope you are able to rest and stay healthy!

God Bless

deshelestraci said...

Saying some prayers!

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Praying for health for you guys...I haven't been feeling that great myself....everything is going around here it seems!


lifesabench6 said...

I'll be praying Christy~ God Bless you all.  Carolyn

hbound4 said...


Sure hope you and Emma don't get sick and yes praying that the boys get well soon. Not good for any of you to be sick and remember what it is like to have little ones and how much work it is when they are sick.
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

chat2missie said...

Oh my!  Your whole family is in my prayers that every one gets well and no one else gets sick.

crewsfour said...

I see another entry you've made and only pray its good news.  I hate to think of you catching this nasty bug with all that's going on.  Praying the boys feel better soon and you and Emma miss the germs.  Leene