Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here's pictures from our weekend. There's one picture of Emma on Thanksgiving. It was the only one that turned out that day on my camera. Bobbie and Tim haven't had a chance to email me the pictures they took. Chad did get my camera fixed! It was relatively simple and took him about oh 5 seconds! So yeah!!!! Most of these pictures were taken on Friday and Saturday while we were in Rothenburg odT. Our room had a balcony and from it you could see one of the Towers and part of the wall that surrounds the old city! There's a couple pictures of our family and of the boys on the balcony with the wall and tower in the background! There's pictures inside the wall too..of the wall and towers (there's many towers throughout the city) and of buildings that I thought were pretty, etc! I LOVE the timbered buildings, they're my favorite here in Germany! The architecture is so amazing. To think that it was built by the hands and backs of people vs machinery of today is part of what makes it more beautiful to me! Oh we ate at a resturant before coming home yesterday and I took pictures of some of it's decor! :)


Also just for some good FYI...Rothenburg is pronounced Wrote-en_ burg (there is NOT a "Th" sound in the name!)


carly0042 said...

Really great family pictures. Happy Holidays to you all.

chat2missie said...

Great pictures.  Thanks for sharing.

sangrialel said...

Loved the pictures!  Thanks for sharing.  Linda

manda2177 said...

Beautiful architecture and beautiful family!  Everyone looks really happy and like they are having fun.  Those kids look taller than the last time I saw pics of them...????  is that possible???  :)

Glad you had a great time!!!

God bless-

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Great pics thanks for sharing!

Have a good week


scotthlori said...

Cool pics!  Thanks for the pronucation key ... I've often wondered how some of these names you talk about are pronounced. :o)


nelishianatl said...

That was really awesome.  ANd loved getting to see the family too.  Now that's a happy Thanksgiving!


emabecmar said...

awwwww the kids are so cute. wow lil emma sure is growing isn't she. she's a real dollbaby. (((((hugs))))))