Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A "short" little Meme




I got this from little Miss Kelly's Green Olives & Pickle Juice (she's private)....and saw it on myspace this morning too...

1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say?
Wow, it's soon after Emma but ok bring this baby on!

2. Do you trust all of your friends?
Completely not all of them, but I know I can trust all of them to an extent. I completely trust 3 people besides Christ.

3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?
Well lets see, I'm a Kansas girl, married to a soldier living in Germany....what do YOU think? LOL

4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
 I can't STAND this question! I believe that everything happens with God's permission, but often they happen because of ours or others actions and we deal with the consequences and if we're SMART we turn to GOD to help us with every situation!

5. Can you make a dollar in change right now?
6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor?
7. Are you afraid of falling in love?
uhhh no....

9. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times?
Of course

10. Whats your most favorite scar?
My c-section scars and my gall bladder scars! I got 4 beautiful children via them and got that horrible, painful, gb out! Now I do have a cool butterfly scar on my knee from a bike wreck when I was I think 5 or 6! Seriously it looks like a butterfly (it's pretty faded now though)

11. When was the last time you flew in a plane?
July 2005 when we flew over here to Germany

12. What did the last text message you sent say?
don't text

14. Fill in the blank. I love:
Jesus and my family

17. How many kids do you want to have?
As many as God wants to give us!

18. Would you make a good parent?
I am a good parent :)

19. On your Myspace, where was your default picture taken?
In my living room

20. Whats your middle name?

21. Honestly, whats on your mind right now?
I wish Chad would turn off the tv

22. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? Yes...keep Jordyn away from second hand smoke from utero on...maybe just maybe she wouldn't have ended up with cancer (yes 2nd hand smoke IS a cause for the type of leukemia Jordyn had)

23. Who was or will be the maid of honor/ best man in your wedding? Kendra

24. What are you wearing right now?

25. Righty or Lefty?

26. Best place to eat?
The Stables

27. Favorite jeans?
28. Favorite animal?

29. Favorite juice?
cranberry juice

30. Have you had the chicken pox?

31. Have you had a sore throat?
lol who hasn't?

32. Ever had a bar fight?
Not been in one, but had 2 guys fighting because of me! ROFL (A loooong time ago!) Good times people, good times!

33. Who knows you the best?
Chad, Tami, and Emily

34. Shoe size?
9-10 depends on the shoe 

35. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
36. Ever been in a fight with your pet?
uhhh no ....had a few (ditto)
37. Been to Mexico?
38. Did you buy something today?

39. Did you get sick today?

40. Do you miss someone today?
every single day

41. Did you get in a fight with someone today?

42. When is the last time you had a massage?
before Emma was born

43. Last person to lay in your bed?
Emma...she's there now

44. Last person to see you cry?

45. Who made you cry?
no one

46. What was the last TV show you watched?
Army Wives (I'm sooo not happy that I like that stupid show! ROFL)

47. What are your plans for the weekend?
Friday we're going to the Hospitality House, Saturday Chad, Emma, and I are going to Nurnburg to the Christmas Market, Saturday evening we're putting up the tree and decorating!! Sunday Church and Awana!

48. Who do you think will play along?
I think Kelly will...because if she doesn't I'm going to bug her! LOL

49. Who was the last person you hung out with?
My family

50. If your "significant other" asked you to marry them TODAY what would you say? ABSOLUTELY, YES!







happysunshien said...

hehehehe at bugging kelly till she does it...hehehe....i think i will too :)


bhbner2him said...

The first and last questions are my favorite!  I had Bubba when I was 29.  I had Hannah when I was 39.  Pete has joked all along about the next one at 49.  That's two years away and I don't find it funny.  But I suppose God could get me through it.....He did it for Sarah.  ;o)

And the last would depend what day it was.  No, seriously, I do believe I would.  


sangrialel said...

ok I am gunna play this one now.  Linda

pixiedustnme said... don't text?!!  And I see Army Wives is on over there now.... I warned you!  Don't say I didn't!!  :-)

manda2177 said...

Thanks for the great Meme..I stole it immediately!  Your answers fit SO many of mine... I also have C-section and G-bladder scars... and that GB was the worst pain of my life.  I had 8-10 attacks before anyone figured out what was wrong!!!

I really loved all your answers... thanks for sharing!!

God bless-