Friday, November 24, 2006

Stripping it down to be... HULK

So I thought I haven't been doing really personal updates, so thought I'd give one since I'm wide awake anyways! So my 3 yr old, Jack has this new thing...he likes to be naked when he's at home! Now Jacob went through this when he was potty training (at the age of 2). It didn't matter to much to be with Jacob, it was fairly warm when he started doing this, plus he didn't have accidents when trying to get to the bathroom! anyways, back to Jack.

Not long after Chad came home he started stripping, now don't go getting all "worried". He just was please as could be with himself as soon as we'd get home from where I'd turn my back and the next thing I know I have a streaker running around me, giggling that naked little tushy off!. He is a cute thing! So, finally last week as he's undressing himself I ask him, "Jack why do you always want to be naked" and he replies "I am Incredible Hulk!". I said "Jack, Incredible Hulk isn't naked" he replies " Yes he is, Mommy. I AM Incredible Hulk...grrrrr.grrrrrrrrr". ROFL! How can you argue with that? Now we do have an old Halloween Costume of Hulk that he wore all day today and insisted on sleeping in tonight and something tells me he'll be wearing tomorrow! LOL If he does, I'll snap a picture of him. No naked pictures on here! When we have company I insist on underwear at least, although I can normally get sweats on as well. We've all talked to him until we're blue in the face that incredible hulk wears pants (including Jacob) he doesn't believe us! LOL I think he just likes to be naked! LOL


Oh to be 3 again, be able to get away running around naked as a jaybird, and cute as anything, and have no intubitions about it!!!


scotthlori said...

OH to be young and free again!  hehe!


crewsfour said...

How cute!  You should rent the 'Incredible Hulk' movie for Jack - at least let him see the cover, I don't remember much about the movie other then it being really, really long and boring.  Madi also went through a phase where she liked to be naked, thankfully it was just a phase - her reason was that her clothes were scratchy!!  Leene

randlprysock said...

Those were the days when the little ones zip around like that!!  SO cute!!  I used to just love to wrap my Courtney and Aaron and Nick up in a big bath towel and you could see their clean shiny faces still had water on them... and they would giggle and run around and say how cold it was!  Too cute!  Hugs,

hsauls said...

Yep. Pretty much standard little boy behavior... I have four brothers and three sons and all seven of them have been thru some variation on the nekkid theme. I don't know if girls do the same thing because I haven't raised any little girls... but boys... the nekkider the better!

Good luck with that!

jckfrstross said...

LOL can you get a comic with the Hulk in it and show him the Hulk is not naked LOL too cute and to be that age again enjoy your weekend


angcrewswife said...

LOL my girls HATE clothes they want to be naked (with panties on of course) ALL the time, why? well their newest excuse is 'puppies and kitties dont have to wear them!' Im so with you on to be young again if I could strip down and be naked I would too!

deshelestraci said...

I'm with you on the last comment.  Bella gets a kick out of being "nekkie" as we call it!  Three is a fun age!