Sunday, November 5, 2006


One please make sure you check out the entry before this, it's so extremely important. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or your friends have children....this is truly a MUST see. So scroll down.


Ok now onto my post. I have never hid how I stand in my political or religious views. I'm a very Conservative Republican Christian. Jesus Christ is my Savior and I strive to follow his word everyday. With elections coming up, I am asking you all to pray before you go and vote and I do pray also that you do your DUTY (it's not just a right, this is your American DUTY) and go VOTE. We are the most powerful nation, yet we have fewer voters than most if not all democratic nations, this is a SHAMEFUL fact. If you don't vote, get off your tushes and start.

Do your research. Also keep in mind that if our GOP changes look and see where the leadership will then fall. Here's a great journal I just came upon tonight that will help you in this. Yes it's biased, but it's TRUTHFUL. This is NOT the time to stick your head in the sand and just vote to the left. Make SURE you know what's REALLY at stake.

No apologies- Biblical perspectives on world events


Ok, so moving during chapel the elections were mentioned and I had such an overwhelming feeling to pray. Pray for President Bush. How many of us do this on a daily basis? Whether you like him/support him or not, he IS our President. I DO like him and I do support him, but I don't pray for him nearly as often as I should. I NEED to be praying for him and all our administration every single day. I sat there beside my husband and prayed and prayed. At one point I was so deep in prayer, Chad thought I'd fallen asleep, I hadn't I just was praying for GWB and my heart was so full for Jesus, that I couldn't stop until I had prayed faithfully and completely for this man who has so much pressure and burden on him. None of us can possibly imagine the strain and stresses he must deal with every single day. I am going to make a committment to pray for him and all our administration daily. I am going to pray for our Congressmen and Senators daily as well. I feel so strongly about this and I URGE each of you to do the same. We ALL need prayer. If you don't like someone, doesn't mean you shouldn't pray for them. On the flip side, if you like them it doesn't mean they don't need your prayers as well. They do. I'm challenging each of you to pray for our Elected officials every day until the end of the year. I'd love to hear how many of you are going to take up this challenge. I'd urge you to go to your journals as well and encourage others to pray for them.

Our nation needs our prayers. We put these men and women into a position to make decisions that effects every single one of us, so how can we NOT pray for them? Praying isn't political. It's not about this party or that party. It's about GOD. It's about taking the focus OFF the junk, and putting the focus on our Lord. Trusting GOD to lead them and lead US. It's taking the focus off of us, and putting the focus on Jesus.


I hope you'll join in.


jckfrstross said...

Amen Christy!!!! we have the president on our  prayer list and the congress also. i agree we need to pray everyday for him and our congress. have a good week:)


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Christy!  Thank you so much for coming to visit and leaving your comment!  I miss not being able to vote, so I think that's why I try so hard to get people who can, to really think hard, and study the facts before they cast their votes.  It is so very important!  I don't want to 'toot my own horn', but I am going to be putting up a 2 or 3 part message about how we need a Great Awakening in our country- and throughout, just in case you're interested and want to stop by again.  As for your post, I'm glad you touched on prayer and how much it's needed.  I'll admit that I don't pray as often as I should either, but I do make it a point every little while to pray for all who are in government.  I know prayer works!!  Have a good night, and a great week!  I'll be back to read some more.  God Bless, Carolyn

carly0042 said...

I don't like him, and I don't support him and I have not prayed for him as much as I know I should so I guess we are almost the same.

deshelestraci said...

I am so disillutioned with politics.  I will vote and I will pray.  But I am so tired of the type of people who are interested in being politicians.  The Senate race in Tennessee has been very mud slingingly ugly!  But I will vote.

ktkamanski said...

I am also a Conservative Republician Christian and I to pray for them, but not on a daily basis. I will make this commitment. Your entry is strong and to the point, I would like to use it if you don't mind to reach the people that read my journal.  It is so important to cast your vote and make it count. Gods Blessings to you and yours!

sangrialel said...

I will be voting!  Linda

bhbner2him said...

HI!  Told you I would make it.  ;o)  Love the pictures of your beautiful children in the side bar!  And give hubby a hug for me and tell him "Thank You".  

Great entry!  I tend to lean toward Meryl Haggard's politics...."IF you don't love it, leave it."  If you are a citizen and old enough to vote, you don't have griping priviledges if you didn't exercise your right at the polls.  And praying for our leaders and our nation is the duty of a Christian, not an option.   -  Barbara