Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pictures, Pictures,Pictures!

I had a long and I mean long update all written and stupid thing is just gone. I just don't have the energy to write it all out. I'll sum it up.

Monday night we went on a Horse & Carriage ride around Garmisch. We saw some beautiful homes and learned which were newer and which were older. The driver was born and raised in Garmisch (lived his entire life there and my guess is he's in his 60's). He told us the paintings on the homes and buildings are not cheap. They often cost just for one picture between 20-30,000 euro's (you do the math, but the other day One American dollar bought .80 euro very expensive and this is for a painting, but they're beautiful!!!).

Tuesday we spent a good portion of our day swimming. We went downtown for lunch and a little shopping. It was a nice and relaxing day.

Wednesday we went to Partnach Gorge. I'd been there in August, the boys were in different programs so they didn't go there with me and Chad of course was in Iraq. Chad and Jacob loved it. Jack did not, it scared him. I think it was the rushing river and being so close to it and the darkness that we walked through so much. But he did really great. I think honestly it was prob. Chad's favorite thing we did during the week. Wednesday night, Jacob ended up getting really sick. Flu or food poisoning, not sure which, but it was a very long night for my sweet boy. :( We were up a lot, the last being at 4:30. He woke up Thursday morning feeling great though!

Thursday we went to Schloss Linderof (Linderof Castle). It's the only castle that King Ludwig lived in and there for was his favorite and is most who visit his castles, their favorites. The castle is nice, but it's the grounds that I love. Well when they're open and are blooming. It's November and I never thought of most of the grounds literally being closed off. It was a gorgous day Thursday (in the 60's!) but really the only thing we got to enjoy there was the castle and the pond. Chad still liked it and is looking forward to going back in the spring (most likely when my parents come). We went swimming in the evening and just over all had a great evening.

Friday Chad took the boys swimming at 7:30 am! I know, early! LOL We decided to head home Friday. We'd had a wonderful week, but ultimately we were tired and thought we'd go ahead and save a little money! :) The boys loved starting their day at the pool and hot tub! We had a good trip home. It was really nice to get home.


I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Love all the pics..simply beautiful!
Love the pics of you and chad towards the sweet!
The boys are just adorable....
Glad everyone had a great time..thanks for sharing

crewsfour said...

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures - they were absolutely wonderful!!!  It looks like you guys had a great time - glad Jacob only had a one night bug.  Again thanks for the pictures - I now want to take a trip!!!  Leene

bpcorn48 said...

love # 48 picture,,,,,,,, but ALL are just so wonderful, thanks          DIANE

sangrialel said...

I just love when you post pictures Christy.  It is so magical looking there!  Linda

springangel235 said...

What gorgous photos and such a wonderful experience for the boys...everyone looks so happy...the local is just so pretty....may fav's were the Alps...and the boys looking at the just look and wonder, what they are thinking...what great shots of all swimming in the pool....make me miss my pool...
Jack is so cute, being goofy!!! The ones of you and Chad are just lovely...and my all time favorite...the whole family!!!!
Loved them all....have a beautiful Sunday...hugs and love,

ktkamanski said...

It looks as though you all had a wonderful time - Glad your home - Happy Week ahead and a Specail Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

deshelestraci said...

I finally had some "time"  to look at your pictures.  I'm glad I waited until I did or I wouldn't have enjoyed them as much as I did!