Saturday, November 4, 2006

30 Days of Thankfullness

Ok so I saw that Heather was doing this a few days ago and meant to start it on day 1, but as life would have it, I got busy and I'm going to try to make up for those missed days and will try hard to put up an update everyday, although the week of the 13-18 I will be MIA since we're going on VACATION and I may or may not have internet access.

 Day 1: I'm thankful for: Jesus. I would be NOTHING without my Lord and Savior. He has sustained me in my darkest of days. He gently held me when Jordyn died and the days, weeks, months, and years since then. He's showed me that joy can once again be part of my life. He's my all, my everything. I have the promise of tomorrow whether I wake up on this earth or in heaven because I believe in HIM.

Day 2: Chad....He's truly my best friend, lover, & partner in this life. I truly am thankful that we became friends first. To be honest I just wasn't interested in him in any other way for a short while. I told him EVERYTHING about me and he didn't judge me or look down on me. He told me EVERYTHING. We laughed and talked nearly everyday and over that time of becoming friends I started to see him in a new light. I'd went for the not always such a nice guy over and over and over. He's my "nice guy" and I was smart enough and blessed enough to NOT let him get away!

Day 3: My Jordyn...she made me a mother. I thought I understand the love one had for a child, as I've always loved children.But....until I became a mother, I just had no idea the love I could have for such a tiny little person. I knew love, but not a "mother's love" and she gave that to me the moment she was born. If I could have traded places with her while she was alive fighting cancer, I would have. She was only alive on this earth for 2 yrs, yet those are the most precious 2 yrs of my life and I praise JESUS for those 2 yrs.

Day 4: My boys. Jacob was the surprise baby of the century for Chad and I. We had both said "no more children" when Jordyn was dying. 8 days after she died, we got the biggest shock of our lives (when you take out the whole cancer thing, child dying, etc)....we were going to have another child and we had definately NOT planned on this child, yet he was growing inside of me. I feared everyday until he was born I would not be able to love him, yet the moment I heard his cry I was in love. 5 yrs later, I can't imagine ourlife without him. He showed me that I could love another child and he's brought our family so much love and hope. Jackson....oh my little Jack. He's crazy, funny, and oh so 3! He's stubborn and tender. What a mixture huh? He was the 1st child we really tried for (we'd decided to "wait" when we found out Jordyn was coming, which we were so thrilled about!! and I just told Jacob's story). It didn't take long once we decided to start trying that I got the news that I was indeed pregnant! He's taught me oh so many things! Our life would not be complete if Jack was not in it. The boys are best friends and love each other intensley! There's nothing more precious than seeing your children truly love and like each other!


hsauls said...

This is a beautiful entry and I'm so glad you are taking time to count your blessings. God has trusted you with a lot so I know you must be a very special, strong soldier. I'm honored to know you.


deshelestraci said...

"love and like"  My Emma has always said, "Mom, I like you and love you."  For me that is huge.  It will probably change once the hormones kick in but I love to be liked and loved.  My girls are best friends too.  I rarely have to tell them to be nice to each other.
Good list, keep it up.

pixiedustnme said...

yippee!  you posted again (like I should talk :-)) wonderful entry.  thank you for reminding me how many great things I have in my life

jckfrstross said...

so glad you are doing this:) enjoy your sunday


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Love your list...
You and Chad are very blessed
We all are we must take the time
to see it...and you my friend always do =)
Can't wait to read more..