Saturday, November 4, 2006

The aftermath of deployments

Chad's got CQ tonight (lovely 24 hr duty aka babysitting the soldiers who live in the barrack's!) Yes we still have rear d, but they pull Staff Duty. With all the soldiers back, they have to have the guys who just came home pull duty as well. Chad thankfully starts leave (aka vacation for you civilians) on Monday and he'll be on leave for the next month.

Oh please pray for our Jacob. He's had a really hard time with Daddy on CQ. He just has had a hard evening. He finally talked to me and told me he doesn't like that daddy has to work and that he just wants him home with us. We talked it out and he went to bed in a much better mood. I accept that deployments are a part of our life as an Army family. It still though has it's aftermath.

Jack had a hard time the first full day Chad was home at naptime. He didn't want to take one because he was scared Daddy was going to be gone when he woke up. We layed with him for a while reassuring him that Daddy WOULD be home when he woke up and he finally after I think 20 or so minutes went to sleep.

I hope that by the time Chad goes back to work in December the boys will be ok.


Ok, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow after church we're having a potluck (at church) it's going to be our Thanksgiving meal. They're providing the turkey and everyone else is to bring a side dish/dessert. I'm going to make green bean casserole and "maybe" mashed potatoes. I don't think I'm going to end up making a dessert. I wanted to make a chocolate pie, but I don't think I will have enough milk. I've been to enough of our potlucks to know that there will be a ton of food all around!


God Bless and for those of you in the states have a great Saturday evening/night!


scotthlori said...

Well, you can't have a potluck without a green been casserole!!!  LOL


crewsfour said...

I'm so glad Chad has leave for a month - I know the boys are going to be in seventh heaven, as are you.  I've been there with the kids thinking Daddy is leaving again, its so hard for them to "get."  Have a good day tomorrow with the potluck - green bean casserole is yummy!  Take care - Leene

randlprysock said...

Wow!!  That is some heavy stuff!!  Hope it all settles down for Jacob soon.  Prayers!!  Hugs,