Sunday, November 5, 2006

Day 5 of Thankfulness & a little this and that!

Day 5 of Thankfulness: I'm thankful that I did not have to cook lunch today and that our family got a wonderful, fulfilling, delicious lunch! Our church normally once a month has a pot luck after service. This month it was today. We did a Thanksgiving Theme. The church provided the turkey's and asked everyone else to bring a side dish, main dish, and/or dessert. I was going to make greenbean casserole (one of my favorites!) but discovered I didn't have enough green beans! Ugh! so....I made mashed potatoes instead! :)

There was a ton of food! Tons and tons! I should have made us all up a plate and brought it home and I wouldn't have had to worry about dinner tonight, but that's ok, because I have a turkey breast in our deep freezer and Thursday I'm going to make it along with all the trimmings! Our family LOVES turkey and all the trimmings and although Thanksgiving isn't that far away, we'll be having the delicious meal twice this month and of course at Christmas as well!


 I told Chad to invite a few single soldiers over for dinner, we also have a couple that we get along with really well and I'm going to call her tomorrow and invite them for Thanksgiving too. We really need to buy a card table or something, because we won't have enough table and chairs for everyone, but we do have a couch and chair and tv trays so if nothing else that's what we can do! I'm sure I could actually borrow table and chairs from the chapel, which now that I just thought of that I may just do that! Then we could have all the food on one end of the table and more than enough places for people to eat at. Lets hope they'll let us borrow them. I'll talk to our chaplain Wed and see if we can do that or the company may have tables and chairs, just be easier to borrow than buy if I don't have to right now at the beginning of the holiday season!


For Christmas I'm going to invite my friend Michelle and her family for dinner. I really love cooking holiday meals. With Chad home this year, it'll make it so much easier than it was last year and doing it with Michelle I know that I won't have to do everything like I ended up doing last year.

I don't spice things up for the holidays, we have the same thing for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Simply put I don't like ham, so if Michelle and them do, I'l have her make a ham and I'll make a turkey. I'll make the dressing and the home made noodles. I'll see if Michelle can bring mashed potatoes and a veggie (if they like green bean casserole I'll have her do that). I'll make a chocolate and pumpkin pie. I know she makes apple pie. Cranberry Sauce I can provide as well. I will make bread in my bread machine. I already have the whipped cream! The commissary's been having it on sale, so I already bought that! Michelle only drinks water and that's what I prefer as well. I don't like egg nog, so we may buy some of that if anyone else likes it.

I think I'll have Chad and Michelle's husband invite a couple soldiers each over as well. We'll have more than enough food so we can have left overs and I can send plates home with the soldiers too and will even have an open invitation that if they want to come back the next day or two for left overs they can. I'll also make plates up for the guys who have CQ from our company and take them up a plate each, and check and see if any of the soldiers pulling staff duty are married or single (if single we'll bring them dinner too).


Ok, so this started off as simply a "thankful" entry and turned into Christy thinking out loud! :)

Tomorrow I'm making lasagne and home made bread and a salad and Michelle and her family are coming over for dinner and she's bringing dessert! I make a mean lasagne! It's Chad's favorite meal! I'm looking forward to them coming over! Tomorrow Chad and I and the boys will all be busy cleaning and hopefully rearranging the living room! :) The boys will be picking up their playroom, although Chad said he'd help the boys with that this evening. Chad's sleeping on the couch right now. He had CQ last night and he came home and started getting ready for church. We got home from the pot luck about 1:00. He and the boys laid right down and started snoozing and I went to the commissary (grocery store those who don't know!). I got everything I needed for this weeks meals and spent $30.00! I just had to pick up odd and ends for the meals but I got quite a bit of stuff so I was happy with myself! Ok, so see there's another thankful thing...that I'm a good bargain grocery shopper!



hsauls said...

Sharing is what this season is about... you are thankful for the opportunity to SHARE and I think that's awesome. If I was coming, I would bring a ham because I'm not a big fan of turkey. It's always too dry. My daddy makes an amazing ham so we have both ham and turkey at every holiday celebration.

Wish I was closer and Prince Charming and I would join your merry little group!

danielled1 said...

This entry made me so hungry!!!


stupidsheetguy said...

I'm thankful that you are all together to enjoy time together (and GREAT FOOD). Got me thinking about turkey a little earlier this year!


angelm0304 said...

I love your entries so much and I always look forward to new entries.  I hope to one day be as strong of a woman as you are.  I also want to grow as a Christian.  For along time I was in a really dark place and did not have God in my heart.  I have found my way back to God but there is so much I have to learn.  I am looking for a good church to attend.  
I am so happy for you and the boys that you finally have Chad home.  How happy you all must be.  Reading your entry about all the food made me hungry. LOL
I also make really good home made lazanga and it is my husbands favorite dinner.  You only spent 30 dollars on groceries?! WOW.  that is great. I wish I could do that.
I tend to buy more than I should at times.  I really need to get better at sticking to my grocery list.
I read your entry on the things you are thankful for and I thought that I would take part in it as well.  It is a wonderful idea.
Have a great day.

jckfrstross said...

ok when is dinner????? sounds yummy. have a good week


randlprysock said...

You have some wonderful plans going there for the holidays!!!  And I love church potluck dinners.  We haven't been to a good one since we left Ohio.  I can't wait to find a new church in KY when we build our cabin.  Hugs,

crewsfour said...

Dinner does sound great - homemade bread, yummy!!!  You're such a kind and caring person - I know the guys will love getting a homemade turkey dinner - the mess hall is good but there's nothing like the homecooking.  At our last command there were ALOT of single soilders so another wife and I made turkey dinner for everyone for Thanksgiving and then put together gift baskets for Christmas.  For Thanksgiving we had over 45 meals prepared and delivered - Christmas we assembled around 50 baskets.  I love that you make sure to take care of the single soilders - Take care - Leene

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Gosh Christy I wish i liked to cook as much as you!
This entry made me really hungry!
You are a wonderful person to think of all the single
soldiers during the holidays and invite some over and take others plates....i know they really appreciate it!  
Can u believe it's already November....time sure flies!