Saturday, March 25, 2006

Springing Forward In Germany

Well here in Germany it's that time to Spring forward, so 10 minutes ago I went from almost 2 am (which was already WAY past my bedtime) to 3 am! Yikes!!! I am definately thankful our church service doesn't start until 11 am. I am curious how long it'll take the boys to adjust to the time change. It'll be nice to deluge myself thinking they're waking up at 8 am vs 7 am like they normally do at least for a day or two! LOL I could only dream about them sleeping in until 8 am every morning. Jacob's my early bird boy. It'll be nice once Chad's home for good, because Chad will get home soon after Jacob gets up in the morning (from PT) and Chad likes maknig breakfast vs I who needs to adjust to being awake by sitting or laying on the couch for at least 30 minutes, so Jacob often ends up making him and Jack a bowl of cereal and recently asked to use the toaster...that was a HUGE jump for me...but he's 5 and I have to start allowing him to do some things, as long as he doesn't do anything that will harm him. He will make waffles and toast. He told me the other morning he likes that he can help me with breakfast, because he likes helping! He's such a good boy! It's nice that he's able to do this. Normally by the time they finish breakfast I'm finally feeling actually alive and we get dressed and get to working on school.


Ok well I have to get to bed now, it's 3:15 am! The states doesn't spring forward until next for a week I'll be 7 hrs ahead of Eastern Time Zone and 10 Hrs ahead of Pacific!!! Have a blessed Sunday!


lv2trnscrb said...

wow, I didn't realize other countries sprung forward too! For some reason I just thought it was the United STates. I always like when we fall back and can get that extra hour of sleep back :)


scotthlori said...

I didn't know other countries observed time changes as well ... wierd, that is happends a couple weeks early over there!


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chevyz71gurl74 said...

UGH....time change always gets
the best of me ~ it really takes a toll on
my'll be good to go after a
few weeks.... =)~

sangrialel said...

I forget when we spring forward, guess I better check!  Linda

fairylaura said...

I totally forgot about our time change. When is it anyway? LOL