Friday, March 17, 2006

Great Day, Great Finds!

The boys and I went downtown today. If I haven't shared it before, this is exactly where we are supposed to be! I love it here so much I can't even describe the peace that God's placed inside of my heart. Anyways....the boys and I went shopping and just looking around! I wanted to get my best friends husband a Thank you gift for all the help he's given us out quite a few times with computer issue's. I found him a really great Stein! I was so excited about this and the price I got it for was truly just AMAZING! It was half the price I expected to pay! I also got Chad and I down comforters for our bed! I'm so thrilled about that too! I also got another friend of mine, her husband some "Smokey" Beer, it was a really nice little gift set. He's not much of a drinker, and the smokey beer is from our town so even if he doesn't like it, he'll hopefully enjoy the thought. :)

I found a really cute little shop it's half a chocolate store/half cafe. The chocolates are made into so many neat things! I got the boys each one...Jacob's is a rabbit in race car and Jack's is two rabbit's playing together. I'm going to go get the boys some for Easter as well, and for my nieces!


The boys and I found a nice little resturant and had a great typical German lunch. We walked around and just really enjoyed the city we're apart of. I love this city. I love living in Germany. We are so incredibly blessed to be able to live abroad. God's blessed me far beyond my worth and I just have to Praise him and thank him!


I'm planning on going back out tomorrow. I'd like to find something for another friend. There are so many great finds out there and I just love exploring this city. All the side streets. Saturday's are normally pretty crowded downtown, so if I decide not to go tomorrow, I'll be heading back down there on Monday. Oh! I forgot, I found me a new purse. I've had my current one for a couple yrs. I admit I'm not too picky on the purse other than I like it to be a nutural color and one that looks good when I'm dressed up or down. I found a really cute one that's actually more dressed up, but works great both ways. It's bigger than what I've had, which really I like. I've done pretty good the last few yrs in just carrying what I need, yet the purse I have my wallet fits in it TIGHTLY, it's nice not to have to TUG the wallet out!

I really truly enjoyed my day of shopping and wondering around and so did the boys. They really NEEDED to just be outside, getting fresh air and excercise. I needed it too. I'm thinking if I go on Monday...I may brave it and take the bus! I'm going to drop by the office of a friend here and double check on what bus I need to bring me back to post, but I know the boys will love it and since parking isn't the best downtown, it'll be nice! Have a FABULOUS weekend!


barbpinion said...

There is nothing quite as great as living somewhere you love to be. From the sound of this entry you're about as close to heaven as one can be. LOL
That's how I feel when I spend time at the ocean, wandering about the docks. I've never been in Germany but have a nephew who was there while in the service.He loved it too! You have a TERRIFIC weekend, hon.
Hugs, love & always my prayers.
Barb -

cdittric77 said...

For those of us that have to live vicariously through you and those others living abroad, keep those stories coming!


lv2trnscrb said...

so glad you had a great day!


sangrialel said...

I want to go shopping!  Linda