Thursday, March 16, 2006

Computer on the blitz

My computer's on the blitz, hopefully tomorrow or over the weekend I can get it fixed. It's still under warranty so I may end up sending it off to be fixed. I didn't get all my pictures burned to CD's, so although to some they will think it's a silly request, please pray that I can get it back up and running to at least get my pictures burned to cd's.

Chad's going to be home in a couple weeks for his R&R and we're going to buy him a new laptop, which he's going to leave here so it doesn't get full of dust and sand while in if I have to send off my computer which they said could take weeks to get back, I'll have that. Right now I'm using our old computer that we use primarily for homeschooling and the boys to play games's slow and old, but for now beggars can't be chosers.

I have been getting a lot of reading done. So far I've read "For Laci" by Sharon Rocha. I highly recommend this book. I of course didn't like Scott Peterson before, but my opinion dropped even more (didn't realize that was possible) after reading this book. Have tissue's handy, it is a bereaved mother writing...but it was well written and you get a feel for what a beautiful soul Laci had, and I honestly kept hoping they WOULD find her alive, yet knowing she was dead. :(

Then I read "When I Lay My Isaac Down" by Carol Kent. This should be a must read for everyone. It was a wonderful book that I'll probably refer back to time and time and time again for years to come. It hit home for me in so many ways, convicted my heart time and time again, and just really made me look at things from both perspectives.

I am now currently reading "Blood Brother: 33 Reasons Why My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty" by Anne Bird. Anne is Scott's mother's daughter who she reliquished at birth and was raised by amazing parents. She reunited with her mother and siblings in 1997, initially believing in Scott who she'd felt close to (and also Laci)...but obviously from the title of the book changed her minds as with nearly everyone who followed this heartbreaking murder. I'm over half-way through the book so far, and it's been a good read as well. It gives you new insight on Scott, his obviously guilty/odd behavior, as well as his mother, who I have formed strong opinions on. Knowing she loves her child, yet to be in so much insane denial and to actually blame the parents of the murder victim is just plain disgusting.

I will be finished with the book in the next day or two and will be moving on to a new one to read, so I'll let you know my final thoughts on this one and let you know what I'm reading next!

I got Jacob's first shipment of homeschooling materials. We're both excited to get officially started. We've been doing things already that I feel is homeschooling, but God bless this sweet boy of mine,  he wants that "official" feeling of books in front of him! :) So starting Monday we'll be sitting down for an  hour or two to do school work. I have preschool material for Jackson that I'll be starting next week as well. I think Jack will do well with it and it'll help Jacob really to have that more structured schedule with Jack vs the little wild man, being well soooooo wild! LOL

I mentioned it above, Chad will be home for  his R&R in a couple more weeks! We're getting excited! We'll be heading down to Edelweiss a few days after he gets home for a couple days. While we're down there we're going to go into Austria and  I'm really hoping over to Switzerland as well. I'd like on the way there to stop in Munich and tour some if Chad's up for it. A friend of mine is going to keep the boys over night one night that Chad's home and   I'm planning on us taking the train down to Nuremburg, going out to eat, and just walking around and relaxing, and just enjoying an evening alone together! :X I'm so excited to know my husband's going to be with me and our boys for 14 days! I'm going to get him a back massage, I'm going to check out some places off post to see if they do couple massages, so we could have one done together, I know I'd enjoy t hat and C had would too!

I already bought him a birthday gift...a chess set. I  bought it last weekend at the Bazaar that was held at another Army base not far from us. He learned to play chess when he was in Iraq the first time and has wanted a chess set since then. I found a beautiful, hand carved one. It wasn't the most expensive or the biggest, but I thought it was really  beautiful, well made, and a nice size that when we move back to the states and buy our own home and have an office or den...we can have it set up permantly for him. He's also getting a new laptop, I think that's going to be a joint Anniversary gift though since I'll be using it  for the next 6 months! :) He needs a new laptop though, he can't play most of the computer games he has on his old one, the game card I believe it is on his current one isn't big enough. Once he gets back, I am planning on giving the boys  his old laptop so we can get rid of this 2nd desk we have right now. I have other things I'd rather have in the dining room area than 2 desks! :) Plus since we have wireless, if Jacob needs to be online for any schooling projects I can just get him online easily with me sitting right beside him, and a laptop's far more compact!

Well, I know this is a boring entry...and I hadn't written anything in 11 days, but well that's life!

Oh before I go, I don't know if I have asked here or not, but please keep my Uncle Duane in your prayers. My dad has 11 siblings (there's 12 of them total!), Duane is the 2nd born, oldest son (my dad's the 2nd son #5 child). Duane has been smoking  for over 40 yrs I'd say, I'm sure he was a teenager or early 20's when  he started smoking, and he's a chain smoker at that. He was dx with lung cancer in July  '04, it spread to his  hip and then shoulder. They got rid  of it in the hip and shoulder, and he went into remission for a time being, but it returned.  He's now  dying. The cancer is everywhere. I honestly thought 2 weeks ago he wouldn't make it to the end of the week from what my mom told me, but  he's still hanging in there. He's also diabetic, isn't taking his insulin, or eating much at all...the eating issue doesn't surprise me at all since he's dying. I'm not sure why the hospice nurse isn't making sure he's taking his insulin, but it's been an issue. He has his good days, with many bad days. My grandmother had 12 pregnancy's, 12 healthy births...she buried her husband 25 yrs ago, has buried 1 grand child, 2 great grandchildren (Jordyn being one of the great grands), this will be her 1st child to bury. I ache for her. Her and my uncle live together. They bought the house my parents built when I was in 8th grade (my parents built a house that's 1/2 mile down the road and 1/4 of the mile off the they live close). The siblings are all fairly close. Please keep all of them in your prayers. Please pray that Uncle Duane's death is as gentle as possible.   Please pray that my parents and siblings that smoke will realize that this IS what's the cause of their brother's death and will wake up and quit. I don't want to bury my dad or mom because of this horrible addiction. Pray for my SIL as well, that she'll quit smoking too, then my nieces can grow up in a healthy  home vs a smoke filled one, like I had to.

God Bless and Thank you


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hope you and Chad have a great time when he is exciting!
I also hope your computer is fixed soon....I would cry if i lost all my pics....
I'm not sure how to go about burning them to cds....i know how to burn music
to cd's  I need to get my pics on i will have them just in case my puter ever decided to kick the bucket!  
I wish i enjoyed reading....I just don't get into that much....but i did follow the Murder of Laci was very very sad....just to look at Scott I never would have thought he would have done it ~ but boy did i think wrong!  He is a scumbag....and i'm sorry but i think he deserves the DP.
I will keep your uncle Duane in my thoughts and prayers, and when it is his time to go....i hope he goes as peacefully as my aunt did a couple weeks ago....i hate the C word.....I wish my mom would stop smoking too....i have practically begged her....didn't do any good though<sigh>....I don't want to bury my parents either...over something that could have been prevented!  But there are people that have never smoked a day in their lives that get lung cancer just doesn't make sense to me....sorry so long i will go now....haha

scotthlori said...

Boy, I wish I could read as much as you!  I've got a ton of books here on my shelf I'm dying to read.  But then again, I spend most my time online!  Shame on me!

So glad Chad is coming home soon!  I know he is probably just as excited as you are.  Couple massages sound DIVINE!  ;o))


deshelestraci said...

What curriculum are you going to use?  I am in the process of looking right now for next year.  There are quite a few curriculum sales in the next 2 months so I am interested in the whole process.
Praying for at least the pictures!

happysunshien said...

Those are all 3 books I want to just need to mail them to


lv2trnscrb said...

thanks for the book recommendations, Christy. Its good to hear from you and see that things are going relatively well. I bet you will be an awesome teacher for your children!

so excited that you will be seeing Chad soon. Enjoy every minute :)


randlprysock said...

Hi Christy!!!  I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get over here.  I think my alerts haven't been working right and plus my new job keeps me so busy...  but now that I am here and alerts are working right for me ...the news in this entry is just wonderful!  So excited for you to get to see Chad soon!!  WOo HOO!!!  And the homeschooling!!  I am really happy for you that you will get to homeschool your children.  You are a great mother!  Seeing Switzerland and Nurembourg and all of the travel sounds just heavenly!  Sorry to hear about the computer being on the blitz.  I'm lost without mine too.  Hugs and take care!!  

sangrialel said...

I have been wanting to read that book about Scott Peterson.  That whole thing really got to me.  Glad Chad is going to be home soon for R & R.  Linda

cdittric77 said...

Thanks for the book reviews! I'll pick them up if I get a nice tax return ;).