Sunday, March 5, 2006

I somehow missed last weeks question...but Dona has the weekly "Easy Like Sunday Morning" question and here's this week. IF you want to play along...copy and paste into YOUR journal and leave the link in Dona's journal.


Now for the question this week.

Home improvement projects not only brighten up and revitalize the places we call home, they also give us insights into ourselves and help us discover just how deep, or shallow, our inner wells of patience can be.  I'll be glad when my kitchen project is over for many reasons, but mainly because it involves my kitchen; the constant shifting of the stove and frig, not being able to walk on the floor or even go into the kitchen, the smell, the DUST! all adds up to a major inconvenience.  Temporary I know, but I do live in the here and I want it done, now!  One thing I have learned, when it comes to kitchens, everybody has an opinion. 

So, tell me...

Is there a room, or place, at your home that you would love to change in a major way?  Maybe the colors are wrong, or it was decorated by the previous owner.  Even if you can't actually do the project, what would you do?  What changes would you love to make?  Would you go for the sleek lines of a contemporary look, the richness of a traditional style, maybe the down-home comfort of Americana, or those wacky shapes and colors of a retro look.  Go wild, get creative.  Tell me about that special place you have and what you wish you could do to make it really yours!  Use your imagination...after all, in day dreams money is no object!  Use photos, either yours or something from the internet, to convey the colors, the styles, the lines, the textures, the feeling you are going for.  Some of you have expressed a wish to change your home, so tell me about it!


 Home is a place where the small are great and the great are small.  --Anonymous


Ah...the question of all questions from a Military Wife who's been living in military housing for years now. Let me tell you this...we all have the same awful beige/off white ugly Military plain color. Well being that I dislike this color so much so first off every wall in this apartment would be changed and no room would be the same color. I'll start with my kitchen, it's actually been redone right before we moved. The color, well I like kitchens that are bright. I do NOT want white. I'd go for a nice yellow, not a bright yellow and not a pastel yellow...right in the middle. I also have my kitchen decorated in Apples. I would change a couple of my cabinets here. We have one that pulls out it's at least 6 feet in height, but has these rediculous wire shelves I guess you could call them. It does not work for spices no the spaces are too big. We keep cereal, pasta, rice, things like that in there. It's not very functional and just an odd cabinet. Then there's the another cabinet that's in this same unit as the previous one (in between them is the broom cabinet). Now this cabinet we keep can goods in, mostly because that's all you can keep in it. It's depth is literally a can, that's it. We can place 3 cans of veggies beside each other. There are 4 shelves on top and 3 on the bottom. I'll have to take a picture one of these days and show you these crazy cabinets of mine. I'll say this...1. a woman did NOT design these cabinets, someone who NEVER uses a kitchen must have, because it makes NO SENSE!! There's also a table in there, that is a catch all. It's built in, I guess this is common in German households...they serve their coffee and tea's there. We're thinking of getting some stools or taller chairs, just two to go there. Try and make it more functional.

The living room and dining room is one great room. I'd like to go with a honey tone in here. I know it sounds similar to what we have, but trust me it'd be different. Maybe paint a border or buy a wall paper border. I have Americana going on in the living room and dining room, it's also mixed with German items we're picking up. I'd like a new chair or two for the living room and a bigger dining room table. We have a table for 4 right now, we plan to have more children and like having friends over for dinner so we need a larger dining set. The living room, I have found a beautiful rug that I want to buy from a vendor who comes on post every week or so. It'd go great with our furniture.

The bathroom, I'd go with soft sea tones. A sea blue or green on the walls, with coordinating towels, rugs, pictures, etc.

The boys playroom. Bright colors! They both love super hero's. Chad's very talented and could draw anything they wanted on the walls. We could go with a white basecoat and then have BatMan, SpiderMan, SuperMan, etc....I'd want a fun room for them, to play and feel alive in. It'd definately be their choice though. The boys bedroom, I'd go for blue or green walls. I have also found a great kids rug for the playroom, it's bright and just so fun to look at. Their bedroom, I'd find a rug that would go well with their walls.

Now to our masterbedroom. I want something soft and inviting. I like to change our bed set every few yrs and am really into liking the white down comforters, they honestly just look so wonderful comfy. When you go to hotels here, they have the best down comforters, I'd love to have one of them. I could have a variety of sheets for the fact that with white comforter it's neutral to go with anything. The walls I'd like to be lavender. I want that softness still flowing around me and I LOVE purple. Our bedroom suite is not very old, it's only 4 yrs old actually...but it's just not what I'm wanting. I want something less bulky. I'd love a sleigh bed or maybe even simpler. My dresser wouldn't be as tall as what I have now, although I do want a mirror on it. Chad's chest of drawers could actually be the same. I wouldn't mind a little lighter shade of the furniture also. Our bedroom carpet, a light beige color.

Now if we owned our own home there'd possibly be far more to go into...but beggers can't be chosers! :) So for now that's the dream I have for this apartment! Here we are allowed to paint the walls. We have to go through a paint class and we can only use the pre-approved paints they have. They're pastels..again beggers can't be chosers! When Chad comes home for R&R I'd LOVE to be able to paint at least one room, I'd do the painting, but I'll need his help moving furniture, etc. I think if I do end up doing'll be either the living room or our bedroom...we'll just see, I may just end up waiting until he's home for good!


deshelestraci said...

You have more stamina than I have.  I know that it is not feasable for you to buy a house while Chad is in the military.  You can always dream, huh?

delela1 said...

Wow!  Christy you know exactly what you want.  I love your ideas!  Kitchens should be warm and yellow just seems the perfect choice; before the change ours was 80s cornflower blue and it always felt so cold; and blue is my fav color.  And my pantry, ugh!  It's useless and is such a pain it is getting changed at some point.  The playroom for the boys sounds like fun and having a bathroom in those soft colors is ideal.  My sister was a military wife for 14 years and lived on-base most of the time.  When her hubby retired three years ago and they moved into their own home, the first thing she did was paint every single wall in every single room!  Chris went crazy with color after all those years of not being able to paint and only the gargage has white walls.  So, I completely understand, LOL!


sangrialel said...

Your going to be busy for a long time Christy!!!  Lelly

randlprysock said...

Oh Christy,
this is a great question!!  I have so much to say on this topic.  Lol.  Now if I can find the time to do so.  Hugs,