Friday, October 28, 2005

New Journal Titles: Your Vote Please

Well I've recieved some great possible journal titles. I've picked my favorite's that you have passed on to me, I've also combined some idea's, and thought of a couple of my own.

So what I want your help doing is giving me your opinion of your favorite out of these. You have 24 hrs and then I'll be creating the journal. I want to make it before Chad leaves and we will both post our feelings of his impeding deployment. It may be a few weeks before Chad's able to get online while they inprocess over there, but once he can get online he said he'll write a little bit for the journal!

Here's our list, please just pick your favorite one and put it in the comments:

1. Eccelesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

2. Fighting the Good Fight

3. If you ONLY knew, the real OVER THERE

4. For God and Country

5. How's Your Freedom?

6. See Through Our Eyes

7. The War, The Homefront, The Reality

8. Tales from the front and the ones left behind


Thanks for your help!!! :)


scotthlori said...

I kinda like "How's Your Freedom?"  I am assuming it is a play on Who's Your Daddy?  Hehe!

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lv2trnscrb said...

I like #7


bpcorn48 said...

# 6 I think that tells it all..................* diane *

kiplingcrissy said...

 I like 5 and 6. I am torn between the two of those.  I think this journal is a fantastic idea.  Good luck on it.

fairylaura said...

Well you know what I'm gonna pick. LOL! I like 5 and 6.. it's up to you though.


pixiedustnme said...

well, um, i like 5 and 8 - but now you're gonna have to pick 5 so I can think of Toby Keith every time I go there :-)

nightmaremom said...

I have to say I vote for 6 :)  It's a perfect title for what you're looking to accomplish.  Either way we will all be here supporting you.

hunybea4him said...

Ohh I like them all.. so hard to choose!!!!  I really like #3 (and not just because I suggested it lol) and #8 is my second fav.

sangrialel said...

I like #5 the best!  Lelly

bekahbutterflies said...

I too like #5 and #6.   I'm sure that which ever you choose will have special meaning.   Love you both.