Monday, October 3, 2005


Some of you definately know this already about me, some do not...I LOVE FOOTBALL. My favorite teams are of course my old high school team...

  Wildcats!                           yes that's my high school! lol

The Wildcats, beloved Kansas State: Wildcats!



Then of course, NFL: THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. I LOVE My or lose I love them. Chief fans are not like Redskin Fans and only like them when they're winning (we lived in Redskin country and they seemed far too proud of the fact that they hated their "team" when they were losing...) Chief fans are the loudest fans in the NFL, and they're known as one of, if not the best Tailgaters in NFL too! Kansas City knows BBQ, that's just a fact!



So being we're no longer stationed in Kansas a sad fact is, I'll be missing some games, especially since we're now in Germany and as hard as AFN tries, they just can't put every single football game on. Thankfully my Chiefs have been on 3 times so far this season, of course how AFN works though, is that as the season progresses they start showing the teams that look like they will be in the playoff' of course as always I'm rooting for my Chiefs to WIN. Last night (well for me it was last night...afternoon for you in the states) they were off to an Awesome start, 24-6 at one point, then overturn and it seemed like they lost all motivation, it was just sad to watch after that and try as I might it was like watching a car don't WANT to look, but you just can't help me. Now I'm also a yeller when it comes to football (I know in this category, I'm a guys gal! LOL) so I admit it, I was yelling at my guys and by the time the last 2 minutes were up, I was just ticked and turned off the tv..of course they went and scored another touch down, but it was too late...we lost. Yes I know plenty of you don't care...but well I LOVE it and it's my journal! LOL



So we're now looking forward to next week, and I just went to the Chiefs site and see that we play no other than The Washington Redskins! LOL Ok seriously when I started this entry I had NO IDEA we were playing them next week! We MUST WIN that CHIEFS can NOT lose to "THEM".





So next Sunday, come noon Kansas Time, 7 pm Germany know where I will be? Watching MY Chiefs BEAT The Redskins! I'm an opptomist when it comes to my team!'s time for me to concentrate on watching my movie: Fever far pretty good!

So next Sunday I expect all of you to be cheering for my Kansas City Chiefs and if you're not..keep it to yourself! LOL


randlprysock said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my journal.  I had to return the pleasure of your visit with a stop to yours and I will now be getting your alerts.  I try to keep on my reading but I do get behind sometimes so bare with me.  I LOVE FOOTBALL too !  We're about to settle in for some Monday night football action so I best be scooting along.  Hugs,

lv2trnscrb said...

Go Chiefs go!! Actually, I stopped following football several years ago except for the Super Bowl but I do enjoy watching the games when I can. We used to live in San Diego, so you can imagine who we rooted for.


pixiedustnme said...

football - blecht - go unpack a box or something