Thursday, October 20, 2005

Been a few days

I know it's been a few days since I posted last. The week's been good for the most part. I have to admit now, that I seem to have a bad memory at times. There are times I can remember everything and then there are days I can't remember what I did 1 hr ago, much less the day before. Right now I'm drawing a blank for most of the week. I know that's horrible, huh. I know on Monday Chad returned back to work after being on leave (or vacation in civilian terms) for 16 days. On Monday it was a little chilly so I decided to take the boys to the indoor play area at the community activity center/CAC. They had a great time, and it was so nice since a friend of mine and her girls arrived at the same time as we did. As we were leaving my oldest "prince"  decided to be naughty with my friend's oldest little "pincess" and they took off outside, to say I was mad is an understatement...we both took off running after them carrying our youngest in our arms, to find they had went down the ramp to the laundry facitility that's in the basement of the CAC. My friend was able to get down there quicker than me, and grabbed them both. I decided then no library, and we headed home. That was Monday summed up, minus the punishment! LOL

Tuesday we went for a walk, played at the Desert Storm Memorial Park, went to the library, then I took the boys to childwatch at the chapel since I had a "lovely" meeting, our last predeployment meeting. This was a "fun" meeting, talking about casualty and all that fun stuff. It is a very necessary meeting though. The fact is that our husbands (and a handful of wives) are going off to war, and we learned well with the last deployment that people die, we lost 9 soldiers/friends from our last company, our lives were touched forever from their deaths. I never want to be one of the wives who gets that dreaded knock on her door, but the fact is, my husband will be in a war zone, and it's the Army's job to prepare us as much as possible on what will happen if our husbands are injured, seriously injured, very seriously injured, MIA, or killed. Yes there are 3 category's for injury. Since this isn't our first deployment I felt I had knowldge on this, sine I've been through these briefings before. There's A LOT of first time deployment's, so it was really good for them and I hope that it'll ease minds and answered questions that they'd have had throughout the deployment. They did feed everyone afterwards, so that was nice!

Wednesday I had bible study, that was awesome as always! I love my bible study. My relationship with Christ is growing so much. The study I'm in, is for parents. "Becoming the Parent God Wants You To Be" by Dr. Kevin Leman. It's great! I highly recommend it! We do one chapter a week, next week we will have a special program, we have speakers coming from about 1 hr away, and quite a few of the ladies either know them or have heard them and it sounds like it's going to be just awesome! I know without a doubt, that PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel...which is truly non-denominational) is going to be my biggest support while Chad's gone. I'm so thankful I decided to attend this wonderful group of women. They truly are wonderful, such a blessing to me. Two women who I can truly call friends I actually met when I went through PEP a month (a newcomer's was AWESOME!), they are in the same bible study as me. (BTW, PWOC has four different studies going on if that tells you how many ladies come...there's probably 20 women in each, at least!) Other than that the day was good. Chad had to go 3 1/2 hrs away on Tuesday and didn't get home until 4 AM, it was all work related so don't get the wrong idea! LOL That's sooo not my husband! He's like me, a home body and would rather be with his family than anywhere else 99.99% of the time! :) So he was off on Wednesday. It was a good day yesterday! Today we had a BBQ with the company, it was ok. The boys got to play in the play area...they ran themselves ragged, then went inside and played in the playroom (we had the BBQ at a place where we have meetings, you can go and just hang out, watch the big screen tv, has a nice playroom, a computer room that has quite a few computers, also has VTC (Video Teleconfercing) so when the soldier's are deployed we can talk to them, and has an outdoor play area which is fenced in, and off the back of the play area is a gate to a fenced in BBQ w/shelter over it. The boys had a great time, even if the company was not oraganized well, what do you expect when a SINGLE Officer plans a BBQ in two days! Yes, I wrote that right, 2 days! Then was SHOCKED that more wives didn't bring side dishes and dessert! Personally they got what they deserved, thinking that everyone can just drop everything and make them or have food prepared for them with 2 days notice, and they actually wanted us to send it in with our husbands at either PT or First formation! Ha, well I made a German Chocolate Cake (yes I know, how appropriate being in Germany and all! LOL...but it is what I had here), someone brought a bowl of pasta salad, someone sent cookies, and someone brought cupcakes. The company supplied chips, drinks, the buns, meat, and paper goods, and condiments. Ok, done with that, it turned into a mini vent almost.

So that leads to now. I'm ticked! LOL Why you ask, well because the Army can be major morons at times! Now I'm still pro-army, and all that. But Grrr, I'm still human and definately have emotions, that often get the best of me!

Right before we were getting ready to leave, the guy that is over Chad (he actually only has 2 people over him, a higher ranked NCO and his Captain) told Chad that the Captain needed to talk to him. Come to find out, that one of the crates they took on Tuesday, the idiots that moved it today, broke it, and so now Chad and 7 other guys have to go back up there, transfer everything into a new crate. So he is leaving at 5 am, he hopes to be home by 7 tomorrow. Tomorrow is our deployment ceremony for our BN. I'm so angry. I really am. Because of course they couldn't send anyone else, much less his captain, because well he needs to be part of the ceremony, and since Chad's just a lowly NCO, who cares. I told Chad how I felt, he agreed, but of course he has to do as he's told, because he's a soldier, and a great one, and he's good at keeping his mouth shut, unlike his mouthy wife! Jacob really wants to go to the deployment ceremony so I guess we'll go. I'm not sure what's going to happen tomorrow afternoon though. We're supposed to get together and make posters and banners for when they leave. I was going to have Chad stay home with the boys while I went and did this, but now I have to call our FRG leader and find out if I can bring the boys or not. If I can't then I can't make banners and posters, and that sucks. I will just make my own, but not exactly the same. I really need to get to know the ladies in our company and this would have been a great way. I love being part of the FRG (support group), and unless you're active and attend the meetings and these sort of things, you can't get to know them or really know if it's a good group or not.

Ok, I'm done whining. I'm sure over the year you'll hear enough whining to last you all a lifetime! LOL I promise not to whine too much. It's not always easy being an Army wife, but I do feel blessed that my husband has chosen the Army as his career, and he really does love his job, and just loves the Army! My 4 yr old, one of the MANY things he wants to do when he's grown up is be in the Army! LOL He also wants to jump out of airplanes, fly airplanes, ride horses, be a firefighter, policeman, dr, a trashman (lol yep!), and a few others that I can't think of right now! Most often he wants to be a soldier though! Of course he doesn't realize that Mommy says he IS going to college first! :)


sangrialel said...

Sounds like you had a busy week.  Your Bible study class sounds great.  I wish I had gone to something like that when mine were little.  I regret not going to church when my kids were young.  It is so hard for them to understand now why it is so important to me when it didn't used to be.  I pray each day that they to learn about Christ's love and become involved in a church.  Take care Lelly

lv2trnscrb said...

Christy, I think you should "vent", "whine" whatever you want to call it in this journal. Sometimes it might help to get it out and not keeping it inside you. I hope you can get to know the ladies in your company; you are right; you will need that support. Hang in there!


hunybea4him said...

Dr. Kevin Leman.. that author sounds familar.. is he the same one who wrote "Sheet Music".  I totaly recomend that book for Christian Married couples.  : )

Thanks for stoping by my ~J and leaving your encouraging comments.

Much Love,

pixiedustnme said...

i know how frustrating military life can be - and it seems that they just don't care that you have so few hours left until he leaves - you know if i was there i'd be out kickin some butt for you ;-)