Friday, October 14, 2005

My baby boy and "the rash"

This morning my baby woke up and was fine, or so it seemed. When I crawled my lazy and still very tired butt out of bed (Daddy's home don't worry!) he came to me telling me that "it hurt" and pointing under his arm/arm pit area. So I bring him over to me and lift his arms and there's an AWFUL rash, both arms. In one of his arm pits, it looks like he has 2 welts almost. So I hurry get him dressed, get me dressed and off we go to the clinic that is thankfully just literally next door to us. I run over praying the whole time that we can get a walk in, knowing that all "same days" are filled at this point (that's pretty well all they do is same days unless it's for a well child or gyn visit)...thankfully we still had a 1/2 hr left for walk in's, so we rush back to the drs office.

The dr's not sure what caused it, and since he ate nothing out of the ordinary my only guess is it's the PJ's he was wearing last night...they were old ones of Jacob's, and I hadn't washed them yet, but Daddy put them on knowing that I had washed them before they were ever packed up and figured they were fine. Now we don't know if that's the culprit or not...but he definately had an allergic reaction to something. The rash covered not only both arm pits, but went down on both sides a good ways, about the breast bone and on one arm it was spreading up. So he's on a liquid antihystimene (I'm sure I misspelled that) that I have to give him every 6 hrs. She said that it could cause some "big drowsiness" (the dr's not American, she's orintenal Dr.Yu)...I said "could it cause the opposite effect and make him extremely active" she said "oh no-no, I doubt it" rofl!! yeah...well we got home I gave Jack his first dose then I had to leave for an Awana meeting, leaving Daddy home to deal with any side effects! ROFL! I asked him when I got home 2 hrs did it make him drowsy? Chad: "yeah right, if you call running around like a wild man drowsy"...yeah Momma was right...he had the opposite side effect! LOL

He's stopped saying it hurts, so I think the medicine is at least working. Thank goodness! I'm going to be doing all the laundry tomorrow so all of Jacob's old clothes are already in the laundry so that Jackson can safely wear them. Oh and in the mean time until Monday at least the dr has put Jackson on a strictly carb diet! ROFL! Seriously! He's not allowed fruit or meat. I  have heard of fruit allergies, but never meat, so tomorrow when I make my home made veggie soup with beef in it, he will be allowed to eat that, if the rash gets worse then I'll believe her. I just think she's a little crazy on the meat thing! LOL :) The no fruits is going to kill the child, he eats at least 2 or 3 fruits a day, from banana's,apples, plums...what ever we have in the fridge he wants! Poor guy. :(

That's pretty well the sum of our exciting day, except we went to the commissary/grocery store. We went to the big one that's 1 hr away. We were all bad and Chad,Jacob, and I had Taco Bell and Jack had cheese pizza, had to get those carbs! Oh and he stole a few of Jacob's nacho's! LOL


When we got home, the boys went right to sleep and Chad and I put away all the groceries and Chad even reorganized the odd little cabinet that we keep our canned goods in, I'll have to take a picture of this's tall, but very narrow in depth. I've never seen anything like it, it's realy insane! LOL Then Chad and I watched: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...I love this movie! I know it's intended audience was probably preteen and teenage girls, but who was a good movie. I laughed, I cried, I sat there and thought, and I even drooled a little at the hot Greek boy! LOL I recommend it! It's no "The Notebook", but it was still a good watch! Definately won't be a waste of 2 hrs!


deshelestraci said...

Poor little rashy child.  Poor Dad who had to stay with the nut.  I am so glad my girls have the opposite effect.  I gave Emma (4) some Benedryl for allergies one day and couldn't figure out why the child just lay around the house!  Seriously took most of the day for me to remember the side effect thing.

lv2trnscrb said...

Your poor little guy! I was thinking maybe you had used new laundry soap or something, but if the pj's hadn't been washed, that would eliminate that possibility. Hope it clears all up and doesn't happen again.

thanks for the recommendation on the movie; I like movies like that


tristannmbr2 said...

Hello, I am new to your journal and when I read the part about you watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I was like cool, I just watched that today and I loved it too!!!  Yeah it may have been a teen girl movie but who cares!  lol  It was still good!  

sangrialel said...

So sorry about the rash!  Poor baby must of hated it.  Under the arms is a bad spot to hurt!  Lelly