Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A couple things

Well I was obviously upset last night when I posted. I do get all heated up at times over certain subjects.

Now, please do NOT think that I was at all bashing Christians in general or as a whole, I was NOT doing that. I think personally as a Christian woman, I'm NOT perfect, hence why JESUS was sent to die for us...GOD knew we weren't. We are ALL hypocrites, every single one of us who proclaims CHRIST as our savior. It's really hard for me to hold back at times when "I" view someone who wants to act holier than tho, when she's doing exactly what she's putting others down for. This action of course is something I AM guilty of, yet I do try and it's something I'm working so hard on stopping. I don't think that as a Christian I am ANY WORSE or harder on anyone else. I've met just as many non-Christians, be it a different religious belief or agnostic or an athiest, and have seen them be as nasty, cruel, and harsh as a Christian. The difference is we do know it's wrong, hopefully we will repent, and we also know that even in our Sin...Christ still loves us. 

So, anyways...I've had a great day so far! We have been really stuck on where we were going to get the boys halloween costumes. We met a family at the park on Saturday who told us about a wonderful store downtown that has tons of costumes! So we went there today! It's not just a halloween store, but Christmas, tons of other different decorations as well..birthday, Chinese holiday's, Tons of American Flags and that sort Easter items, fall items, and ribbon like you wouldn't believe!!!! :) I LOVE this store! LOL

We will go buy the boy's costumes on Thursday or Friday. Jacob's going to be a knight! Jackson's going to be a cowboy! We will have to buy Jacob some black clothes (sweats or jeans/shirt) to go under his armor! It has a helmet, sword, and shield with it! So cute!!! He's going to be the bravest Knight! For Jack they had tons of different vests, so we picked one that we really liked, found a cowboy hat, a holster, we still have to pick a toy gun (gasp...I let my boys be boys and YES they play with guns...their Daddy is a SOLDIER and will going to WAR soon a toy gun isn't going to teach them to kill another human being, it's how we RAISE them and the VALUES and MORALS we teach them..not if we let them play with guns and swords...sorry I'm done!). We are going to go through all of Jacob's old shoes and see if any of his old Cowboy boots will fit Jackson. We have a stick pony, so when I go to take pictures I'll have him posing on his horse a few times! I wish I could have found a horse costume, because he's constantly pretending to be a horse! LOL Jacob wanted Jack to be a king...but figure next yr if they want to find costumes that go along the same or similar theme they can...they will both be quite vocal in that dept. I think, so this year MOMMY is deciding!!!

This will be our last holiday to spend with Chad before he's off for the next yr. I know Chad's having a lot of fun picking the boys costumes and I have let him have a lot of a say this time around! I can be just a tad bit controlling on the issue's when it comes to our kids and well our life in general! LOL I'm learning to ease up, let go a little! :)



deshelestraci said...

Will you move back to the states when he is deployed?  We live about an hour from Ft. Campbell.  I really didn't think you were Christian bashing.  I totally have been through the whole holier than thou business.  Am quite sick of it actually.  Can't we just all get along, I want to shout!

my3gifts said...

No, the boys and I will be staying put in Germany. We just got over here a few months ago and I have NO DESIRE what's so ever to go back to the states right now..this is where I/we want to be and most importantly where I feel like GOD wants us to be.
We were stationed in Kansas last deployment (Chad just hit his 1 yr mark being back home late Sept) and I had ZERO support from my family while Chad was deployed, actually had a HUGE blow up and didn't talk to them for 6 months of the 9 months he was in Iraq.

lv2trnscrb said...

I didn't think you were Christian bashing at all; I understood where you were coming from. A knight and a cowboy - cute costumes. I hope you post pictures. Does Germany do a lot for Halloween like the States does as far as "celebrating" it?


bpcorn48 said...

Do the people give out candy like we in US do/ I just had to make a outfit for my granddaughter as BETTY BOO,,,,,,,LOL     she just loves her, I told her one day she looked like her and after that she wants everything that has her on it...... to funny,,,,,,,,,, *DIANE*

randlprysock said...

We're going to use our costumes from last year.  I'm hoping they still fit.  I saw the prices this year and about fell over.  Hope you find what you are looking for.  Hugs,

my3gifts said...

I don't believe that the German's give out Candy like the American's..but we'll be trick or treating on post, so there will be candy to recieve for the kids, plus on our post the library and our community center are having different events for the kids/families!

my3gifts said...

There's no way we could use last yrs costume's..they turn into dress up after the holiday's! Jacob also loves to sleep in his old Spiderman (2 yrs ago) and Incredible Hulk (last yr) costume's.