Thursday, May 1, 2008


I'm so tired, tonight is the latest I've been up in a few nights and I am absolutely not sure why I'm still up because I've been dosing off for the last hour, so once I'm done here I'm done! A lot has been going on here so let me get you caught up.

Jacob's really enjoying the play. He's very good at memorization and he's told us nearly everyone's lines from the play! I am looking forward to seeing him on Saturday. He has a couple solo lines and he's excited about that! He was singing us a song from it tonight too! He's so thrilled and can't wait for us to see him!

I started watching my friend's little girl yesterday. My friend is working at the school cafeteria, so I watch her daughter for about 4 1/2 hrs which really works out great for both of us. We're both earning extra money and we're both saving it for the same trip, we're going to Italy this June! We're going to go to Vicenza for a couple days then on over to the American Beach at Camp Darby (in Lorvino) for a few days! I'm calling tomorrow to book our rooms! I can not wait! She's my best friend here and we have so much fun together, talking, laughing, crying. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life!

Jack had his first tball game tonight. I didn't get a lot of pictures since I had to help. Trust me with 3-5 yr olds they need A LOT of help! One of the teams we played their coach has only had 1 practice, they were supposed to have 3, but cancelled 2 because she thought it was too wet or too cold. She coaches a team in the same league that Jacob's in and actually my friend from the above paragraph, her son is on this coach's team and they've had practices cancelled for it being too cold, too wet, and any other excuse she can come up with. She's VERY prissy, and honestly has no business coaching since if it's in the slightest inconvient to her. Oh and she "banned" snacks after the game for her teams! Is that insane or what? If she doesn't want her kids to have snacks, fine, don't let them, but to tell parents they can not  bring snacks....of course my friend said "forget her, I'm bringing snack next week!" ROFL!! I know it's spiteful additude, this lady just annoys the daylights out of me! I'm not really a prissy kind of girl, so being around one just grates on my last nerve!

Chad's doing ok. He's been  busy with work. He told us last night the deployment may be pushed back a couple more weeks, which is good and bad. The good is obvious, we have him for a couple more weeks. The bad is that at this point you want them to go so they can start inching their way closer to coming home and all this does is delay their return home, plus you get yourself emotionally prepared for a certain time frame. Hurry up and Wait...that's the Army's Motto. 

I've been dealing with unusual exhuastion in the evenings. Really unlike me. I normally have to FORCE myself to go to bed and here I am fighting with all I have to keep my eyes open.

Emma will be 9 months old on Saturday too. My how time has flown with that baby girl. She's just so wonderful. She's definately back to feeling like herself again too. She crawls like a speeding train, pulls up on everything and is cruising the furniture, laughs and smiles are abundant, just over all true deep down happiness is happening in that baby girl!

Well, I can't do this anymore....good night!


chat2missie said...

Hopefully you'll get a good night's sleep!  Enjoy your day tomorrow.

sangrialel said...

I hope you got some rest and that you slept great.  Linda

ekgillen said...

The no snacks thing is wierd!!  The kids deserve a little something after a game! :)