Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Day

It's 11:59 pm so just one more minute and Chad's birthday will be officially over here in Germany. He had a good one he said! He got from us 3 new games for his ps2 (it was a box set), a new shirt, new khaki shorts, and new sketcher sandels that are like Crocs. He said he really liked everything! :) I took pictures so hopefully I'll get them up here (still working on the Ireland pictures!). Anyways we went out to eat. We went to a Tex-Mex resturant and it was GREAT. Well for everyone but Chad. Poor guy he ordered a steak and they can NOT make steaks worth a hoot over here. It was really tough and chewy and had gristle throughout, which normally doesn't bother him, but it was to the extreme tonight. I had Chicken Fajita's which was AWESOME. Jacob had Quesadilla's and he LOVED them! Jack had taco's, there was 4 of them, he ate one! They were huge! Emma had beans! I ordered what sounded like to be sopapia's, but they sure didn't look like them to me, we'd ordered them to go so we knew no ice cream, but they put them in some rasperry sauce. That ended it for me. I'm NOT a girl who likes sauces that much, unless I order it knowingly like that and it said nothing about rasperry sauce on the menu (it was in English so it's not like I missed it!). Chad and the boys liked them.

I did not get his cheesecake made today unfortunately. I felt bad, but he said it was fine. He actually doesn't know what I'm making him. I'm going to make it tomorrow once I'm home from PWOC. By the time he gets home from work it should be ready to dig into! :)


Jacob has play practice tomorrow. He doesn't have to be there until 6, so we can have him fed at least before dropping him off and we'll pick him up at 8:20. It's going to be a long evening for him. I admit I already am looking forward to the week being over with. I do NOT enjoy being really busy. I'm such a homebody is so many ways, so having to run from this to that drives me insane sometimes. I just want to be at home snuggled up to Chad or one of the kids.


Oh..last thing. I'm in the process of planning a romantic dinner for Chad and I. He knows I'm planning it, I just have to pick the place. There's this resturant that I've wanted to go to since moving here, I'm going to go and look at their prices and see if they offer a candle light special ( a lot of the resturants here do). The building is actually built up in the middle of the river, has spectacular views. I'm hoping it's in our price range and we can do it! I have to decide what night, life is so crazy right now feels like we're being pulled in every direction and I HATE that. I just want to relax a little before he leaves. I just don't think that's going to happen.


Well I'm off to bed, I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED.


God Bless and Good night!


Oh and thank you for all the birthday wishes for Chad and well wishes for Jacob. I will pass them onto them tomorrow.


crewsfour said...

I am glad Chad had such a great day, not such a great meal but I'm sure your cheesecake will make up for it.  You and I are so alike in that there is nothing better in the world for me then to be at home with my girls and husband, just relaxing and hanging out together.  Sometimes being busy is nice but I really cherish the nights where we can get an early bath, get in pajamas then snuggle up on the couch.  Your romantic night sounds absolutley incredible and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll find something in your price range.  You two need that alone time and it sounds like you've got a perfect night planned.  Take care - Leene

ksgal3133 said...

Happy belated bday to Chad :)


mumma4evr said...

we have strange birthday cakes in my house...Ethan likes to have my mother's coffee cake...one of hte girls always asks for pie..I love angel food cake with fruit and icecream!

ekgillen said...

I hate being super busy too!!  I much prefer being home with my family than running around all crazy!!