Friday, February 29, 2008


I had to get on here and clear out some emails so my mailbox wouldn't remain full, yes I know insane as it is with a limit of 1000, it was full when I got on here. I have this terrible habit of saving emails, thinking I'll go back to them, but rarely if ever do. I NEED to just delete it all, but not tonight.

If you'd say a prayer for me. I'm not positive what I have. This morning when I got up at 7, moved out to the livingroom  and was laying on the loveseat and just could not stop shivering, and was covered with 3 blankets. I took my temp and it was 102. About 10 am I started sweating buckets and thought maybe my fever was finally breaking, no such luck. I have just horrible all day, fought a migraine all day as well. Then add on the sinus infection I have, and no I have not been able to get into the dr for it either, and I'm just not dragging 3 kids to the ER with me over it. This evening Emma and I took a bath together, she's been fussy all day, I think she feels fine honestly, just a reaction to Mommy not being able to hold her as much as she normally does. She absolutely loved the bath, as she always does, but it wasn't so relaxing for me...trying to keep her sitting up and keeping her toys right by her, plus I was dealing with chills while in the tub. The boys were very helpful today, well Jacob was with Emma especially. He did all he could to keep her entertained throughout the day and evening. I am wanting to get him something special for being such a great brother and helper to me.

Chad comes home on Tuesday. Oh I can not wait! I miss him so much and have not talked to him in days. I miss hearing his voice. I am blessed with my husband. He's a great man who loves me and adores me, far more than I deserve. He puts up with a lot from me, and then turns around and gives me even more! He's an excellent father. If I could have looked at the future and picked a Daddy for my children, it would have been him.

I am praying I feel better tomorrow. I really need/want to get our bedroom cleaned up. I have tons of clothes to put away, I need to vaccuum, want to get rid of things that are nothing but clutter, and make it more peaceful. I am hoping before he leaves we can paint the room. I plan on getting us new bedding once he's deployed and just making our room a place to rest and feel's absolutely NOT that. My mother would absolutely be aghast if she saw my room right now! LOL :) Anyways, I have things I really want to do so I NEED to feel better, plus it's really hard being a Momma when you can barely lift your head up at times throughout the day.


Ok thank you for the prayers. I'm going to take another bath here just me alone, and then off to bed.


springangel235 said...

Oh my, hope you feel better real soon.  That is exciting news about Chad coming home...hope you are fully recovered.  Get rest...and drink fluids...many hugs and love,

chat2missie said...

Feel better soon!

pinkkitty88 said...

you poor thing.  You need to make sure to take care of yourself too.  If you need to go to the Dr (and it sounds like you do) see if one of your friends will take care of the kids....Feel better!!

dasajam1 said...

Praying you feel all better soon.  And have a wonderful homecoming!

happysunshien said...

I so hope you are feeling better by now...It is Sunday night here..Monday morning to you :)