Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last Entry before going Private

So tomorrow morning (Germany morning) I'm going private, so leave me a comment if you want to remain a reader. There's a few of you that I do not know, you've never commented, and I don't know you from anywhere else, so I am debating on you. It's nothing so much against you persay other than I just simply don't know if you do come along, my request is that you comment from time to time, let me know who's reading. Honestly it freaks me out a bit to think I have people reading and looking at my pictures who never comment, even once. I do get it, there's been journals in the past that I've read and never really commented, but if I'm going to "let you in" let me know who you are ok!?! Then there's some friends ;) who read and never say a flippin' word and freak me out because I didn't even know you knew I was here! LOL (CoughMelissaCough) ROFL! Love ya girl!!


Anyways it's been a crazy day. Chad called, twice today actually which was great. I don't know if we'll get to talk to him again before he comes home from the field, he said he'll try, but we'll see. Also Whisker's, Santa's present...she got out. I have been doing laundry all day and and at one point the door got left open and she must have gotten out. I'm so absolutely sad over this, the boys seem to care less, which really ticks me off, but maybe they're just being optimistic and reality hasn't set in that she may not come back. We looked up and down the apt building stairwell, in the basement, and of course I've called for her outside. She is chipped, but I hadn't went to the VETS to update everything, but my hope is she is either hanging around outside tomorrow, or she gets taken into the VETS office and they let me come and get her. B knows she's missing, so she said in the morning when she takes her son to school they'll be looking out for her. PLEASE will you all pray that she comes back. I really love this cat. She actually will cuddle with me, plays with toys, lets the kids touch her, etc. If she'd just get along with Pounce she'd be perfect. I'm really hopeful that she returns. I'm going to knock on my neighbors doors tomorrow too and see if they happened to get her.

Well, I need to get to bed soon...;)

I've done so good this week at going to bed earlier and I've actually been falling asleep at a decent time, which is amazing in and of itself. I want to stay in this habit so when Chad comes home I'm going to bed not too long after him. He'd appreciate it I know.


buggieboo1 said...

add me please I will try to comment more!
PUT up a lost sign!
Once we found a kitten and put up a found sign! Her owners were looking for her at the same time and putting up lost signs and she went home!I hope you find your kitty soon!


alexcambelzackem said...

I read :) I will try and comment more just hard to with all the kids love ya girl !

jfourb said...

I'll say prayers for Whiskers. One of my cats got out a few months ago and I was, my a miracle, able to find her a few days later and she ended up with a belly full of presents! A few days ago we had kittens. Cats have very good sense of smell and I pray Whiskers finds herself back home again in your loving arms.


dondieroy said...

I do read your journal when I get a chance.  Sorry if I don't comment much. If you want to add me that would be nice.  If you don't due to the fact that you don't really know me that is fine too.  I understand completely. It is left up to you.  thanks.
have a great day,

sangrialel said...

I am sorry about Whiskers I will say a few extra prayers that you will find her.  Linda

crewsfour said...

I totally understand what you're saying about readers - I had a few come out of the woodwork when I went private and it was a tough call on wether to add them to my journal or not.  I hope Whiskers comes back and am sorry the boys aren't more concerned.   Glad you got to talk to Chad today 2x!!!  Leene

ekgillen said...

I hope tomorrow brings Whiskers back to your door!

deshelestraci said...

Oh I'm hoping your cat is already home!  I hate when stuff like that happens.  Too sad.

republicanjen said...

Boo!  Let me in.  ;)

dasajam1 said...

Ever since I found you..I read daily.  Promise I will try to comment more.  I dont like lurkers either!  Please add me when you go private!  Hugs


lv2trnscrb said...

I'll say a prayer for Whiskers; hopefully she'll be back before long; don't forget me when you go private

hugs to you and Chad!!


star2426 said...

aww I'm sorry about your cat, hope you end up finding her! My cat freaked us out once by leaving for like a week, then he just randomly showed up on our doorstep again. Hopefully she just wanted a little adventure and will find her way back to you. Have a good night!

sweetnessk71 said...

I have just started reading your journal.. would like to be added but if you don't ..that is understandable.  Take care


chat2missie said...

Don't forget to add me!!