Monday, February 18, 2008


Today we had a great day. We went to this place called Tuckerland's. They have these totally enclosed tramploline's, go carts, rock/wall climbing, ball houses, things to climb through, a baby area, pedal cars, tractors, etc, basketball and soccer area, oh and freakishly fast slides! The kids had been before, Chad took them (the day after we returned from Venice), but Emma and I had stayed home, since I couldn't bare to put her back in her hated carseat! LOL It opened at 2 and around 6. The kids ran themselves ragged. They had so much fun, and that includes Emma! We went with my friend B and her 2 kids. When we got home I read the kids a story and they went to bed. No talking, just went straight to bed! They were asleep before 8 pm! That may be a new record! LOL This week is filled with a couple different drs apts, PWOC, a baby shower, and Hospitality House.

Basketball is over with!!!! I admit I'm totally thrilled that it is. It went I guess well over all, just did not care for Jacob's coach. He was young, single, and very inexperienced. I've NEVER complained about a coach (even when it wasn't Chad! LOL) but this guy just simply didn't show up to 2 of the practices and on the 2nd one I was standing there with one of our Sports guys called him and the next night at the game he totally lied. He got called out, but that in itself just speaks volumes. I don't want someone who can't just own up and admit he made a mistake...having influence over my child. It's over though and I'm glad. Next up is baseball. We already know how the boys coach will friend and Chad is going to be her assistant! Chad will leave before the season is completely over, but this still lets Chad coach which he enjoys, while not having to worry about being there when it's time for him to leave, plus we get a coach's discount and hey every little bit we can save I'm all for! I'm going tomorrow to sign the kids up for that!

Chad's out of contact for the next 2 weeks. It stinks, but the Battalion Commander said no cell phone use for these next 2 weeks. It stinks, but we'll suck it up. It'll be good preperation I suppose. It does annoy me though. The reality is, they're going to be gone for 15 months with limited contact, so when they're less than 2 hours drive from us, let us at least be able to recieve a phone call from our soldier to tell us hi when they DO have downtime. I don't expect a phone call during training, that's unnecessary and dangerous possibly, and distracting. But it's not like they're going 24 hrs, they get down time to eat and sleep so if they want to use some of their personal time to call home and talk to the kids and/or wife/husband let them. I am selfish and want to hear my husband's voice everyday, if possible. The fact is my kids, well Jackson just does not understand why he can't call Daddy, when he's just in the field. I tell him the truth, that Daddy's boss said no one can call home. He asked me "Does that mean he can't call home either"? "I told him, it better!". ;)

Tomorrow isn't too busy  outside of the home. Jacob has a drs apt. I think his allergies are messing with him, so hopefully they can get him on some meds and get that sorted out. Otherwise it'll be cleaning and laundry here! Oh the good times never end I tell you! LOL


crewsfour said...

I'm so with you on being glad basketball is over, our season is almost done and I'm counting down the games/practices.  I agree 100% you don't want a coach who influnces your child to be lying about anything.  I hope baseball goes well and am glad that Chad will be able to help coach for a portion of the season.  I know you've been through the deployment before and don't need anyone telling you how you should feel etc but I do have a bit of advice.  Have Chad tape record himself reading books to the boys, you might already do this but if not its a great way for Chad to be involved even when he is so far away.  I'm having my husband read a ton of books to Madi so that she can just slip in a tape at night and follow along.    Leene

lv2trnscrb said...

that Tuckerland's sounds like a great place to release some kid energy!!

I agree with you, if they are close by and no compromise of things, cell phones should be allowed. I do hope the 2 weeks goes by reasonably well for you all


chat2missie said...

The Tuckerlands sounds like a great place.  Have a good week.

scotthlori said...

Wow!  That place sounds fun!!  I wanna go!


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Christy- It's been a while since i left a comment here!  I have dropped by from time to time, but I just haven't felt a need to comment much- until now. I just read your previous post too and see that Chad will be deployed again.  Even with his coming training, I don't know how you  (and other military families) do it- but GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR IT!  I can't imagine how hard it must be, especially for the kids, but I am so incredibly thankful to you all for putting up with everything you do for the sake of keeping us all safe.  Please know you'll be in my prayers!  Please e mail me so you can tell me where to write letters to Chad, and even the rest of the guys too.  It seems like such a small thing to do, and I feel like it's not enough- but it's all I can do to show how much you all mean to me and my family!  Thank you Chad!  Thank you Christy.  God Bless you and your precious family.  Love Carolyn

jfourb said...

Everyone's allergies have been acting up here too so we've been staying in a lot. Hope your week is great!


manda2177 said...

You are such a good mommy!!  I love that you were so considerate of Emma's feelings about the car seat in going to Tuckerlands... some moms dont think of those things.  YOU are AWESOME!

God bless-

P.S. Sorry about the no calls thing.  One time my husband went hunting for 8 days and I got no call because there was no reception.  IT WAS ICKY!!!  I was missing him and then when I finally did get to talk to him, I couldn't remember anything I had wanted to share.  Ugh!  God bless....

ekgillen said...

Tuckerland's sounds like a blast!!!
I can't even imagine what you will be going thru.  I know the waiting aspect of it all from a child's point of view as my dad was military and served in the Desert Storm but as a wife waiting I can't even imagine.  It gives me a new respect for my mother.