Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's almost over

The weekend that is! I'll be watching the Superbowl here in an hour! I don't care really who wins. Either is fine with me. I would prefer it be the Chiefs, but well they hardly showed up this season so that wasn't going to happen! Of course those of you in the states don't have to stay up half the night just to watch the on the other hand do! The game starts as 12:10 am and since it's the Superbowl it lasts forever! LOL We don't get the commercials during the game either. :( We're supposed to get them afterwards, but I can't remember when they are airing, so I'll watch them online, although if they're like last years I don't want to waste my time, so those of you watching...give your thoughts on the commercials (don't ruin them for me though ok...if they're good!!).


Yesterday was Jacob's party. He had a great time! He invited 6 friends and they all ended up coming! One of them was late, but he ended up getting to stay the night. One of the boys who was iffy on spending the night, went home and then decided he wanted to stay the night so Chad picked him back up! They stayed up really late, but had a great time! They were all really great kids and I feel really blessed that Jacob has such good friends! He told me that it was exactly what he wanted! Let me tell you, this was much easier and cheaper than a big party and without a doubt Jacob enjoyed it far more! No theme...just home made pizza, cake which Daddy drew a dragon on, ice cream, and junk food! LOL They played PS2, played with his new presents, and watched movies. Chad aired up the airmattress in the playroom, set up the tv and ps2 in there and let the kids watch their movies in there. Lots of whispering and laughter! These are memories that Jacob will hold onto.

We had church today, the sermon was great. This afternoon/evening we had Awana. It was store night so the kids had a FABULOUS time! We came home, I made dinner...the kids are all in their beds and Chad's snoring on the couch! Life's as it should be right now.

No pictures from his party. I don't post pictures of our friends children here. They had a great time though!

God Bless


lv2trnscrb said...

so glad Jacob's party went well; that's what I like simple but fun ones!!


deshelestraci said...

So good that the boy had a great birthday.  Makes you smile from the inside out when they tell you how much fun they had.  
Bummer on the game.  My favorite ad so far has been the Pepsi ad with Justin Timberlake and the Budweiser ad with the Clydesdales.

scotthlori said...

I don't like to post photos of other folks children either and I'm private.  Sad though, 'cause those are some of the best photos!  LOL


manda2177 said...

How cool that Jacob has such great friends already... you must really be raising some wonderful children... I bet they just glow with Jesus!!!

Should I spoil it and tell you who wins the Superbowl?  Nah.  I think you'll enjoy watching it for yourself!

God bless you!

linnpooh said...

So glad Jacob had a wonderful party with his friends.

Did you know I was in Awana when I was a young girl? Yep, and I was the director of the program when Mandy was in Cubbies :)  It's a wonderful thing!

Pooh Hugs,

janid731 said...

To be honest I didn't watch much of the game this year..although I am glad the Giants won (though I would have NEVER thought I would EVER cheer for the giants as I have never like Eli....but times does change ideas!).  As far as the commercials I didn't see any that were bad but I didn't see them all. I missed a lot as I was on the phone with my parents for part of it and getting Bekah her night bottle, snack and jammies. :)  

Glad the party went well!

God Bless


stupidsheetguy said...

Glad it was a good weekend, and a great party. I enjoyed it myself (Giants fan, ya know)

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Glad Jacob had a great party!

Have a good week


ksgal3133 said...

I'm with you on the Chiefs, it hasn't been there year for a few years now.
I'm glad that Jacob had a good party :)

Have a great rest of the week!


tsalagiman1 said...

If you haven't watched by now, Super Bowl commercials are posted on My Space.  Some of them were good, better than last year's I think.  Glad Jacob's party turned out so well.  You're right, these are memories Jacob will have with him always.