Friday, February 22, 2008

Whisker's is Home!

I called the Vets office first thing this morning to see if anyone had informed them they either had her or brought her in, and no one had contacted them. They took my info though and I described what Whisker's looks like and they said they'd call if she was  brought in or called they found/had her. So then I told Chad to go knock on our neighbors doors, don't ask me why I did not do this last night, but I didn't. So he did and our 1st floor neighbor had found her! They had a friend over and they took her home with them last night. They had asked my 2nd floor neighbor and he told them we didn't have any pets, which is why they didn't bother knocking on our door! :) So 1st floor neighbor called their friend and over lunch my 1st floor neighbor (the husband) and their friend (soldier) brought her home! The guy who kept her overnight said she scared their dog! ROFL! I said "yes, she beats up our other cat" and he said he could believe it, she's a toughy! LOL!

The boys both said they were so happy she's home and Jacob said he was trying not to cry, so they're not heartless boys! LOL Whew! I'm so relieved that she's home and she's ate, and actually now that I look at her, she's tracking down Pounce, I'm sure to start a fight. Speaking of Pounce he was so happy she was gone last night! ROFL He was actualy social!

Well, I'm finishing up lunch! Thanks for all the kind words so many of you gave!

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springangel235 said...

So happy Whisker's is home...and so lucky someone took her in and you found her.  I am so happy for all of you...hugs and love...and thanks so much for adding me....Joyce

jfourb said...

Such good news! A happy ending. Welcome home Whiskers.


chat2missie said...

I'm so glad Whiskers is home!

dasajam1 said...

Glad she is home.  I am pretty sure you already have my link since you have left comments on my journal, but I will leave it in case you dont.

And all of our Beautiful weather has left is 50 degrees and pouring down.  I think I spoke too soon!  This is SO NOT pool weather.  lol

I added a link to your jounal in my sidebar~



stupidsheetguy said...

Hi there, thanks for including me in the "private" world. I hope that you took it private for "privacy" reasons, and not due to some idiot. That seems to be going around these days.
Anyway, glad Whiskers is home, and that you're here posting :)

pinkkitty88 said...

I'm glad whiskers made her way home!  My kids would be devastated if one of our cats ran away!!

happysunshien said...

awww im glad whiskers made it home...I would be flipping out if my alex disappeared.... :(


chevyz71gurl74 said...

So glad whiskers made it home!!