Wednesday, January 4, 2006


I feel so numb right now. Remember I'm in Germany so I'm anywhere from 6-9 hrs ahead of those that live mainland USA. I woke up this morning to the news that 12 out of the 13 miners are dead. I cried. I cried for the families, for the miners, for the 1 that's alive. I cried thinking of my friend who lives in West Virgina...who's dad medically retired from the mines and who's oldest brother works in them. It seems like such senseless deaths, so many safety problems throughout this past year and these deaths that just didn't have to happen. I most definately will be watching, listening, reading to see what all comes out of this "accident". I ache for the families, going from fear and probably almost despair, to the utmost in joy, to the deepest of sorrow all in a 3 hr time period. Death is never easy, even when expected. When you're told though that your loved one is alive and then soon after told "we were wrong"...can anyone other than those going through this truly know that feeling? The only one I know is God, he's it. None of us can ever know how another person feels.

I have a huge pet peeve when someone says "I know how you feel". No you don't, you know how you felt when you maybe went through something similar, or can imagine how you'd feel...the best any of us can do is relate and that can be a stretch for most.

I pray that all these miners knew our Lord and Savior. I don't know if they did though, but it's my hope and I pray that their families will turn to Christ instead of turning from him. So often we're so apt to praise him for the good, and curse him for the bad. We seem to forget he doesn't promise us tomorrow. Tomorrow is never promised in this world, and we so easily forget that. If we accept Christ as our Savior we are promised an Eternity in Heaven with our King, but we MUST accept Christ as the one, true son of our Lord, God Almighty.


So I cried a lot during the day because of that. Then this evening Extreme Home Makeover was on. Now remember we don't get most things "live" or exactly when you do. Our new season just started it was for the soldier who lost his right leg in Iraq after an IED attack. I cried so much during those 2 hrs....I feel just numb at this point. I think sometimes there's a daily allotted amount of tears one can cry and I feel I've reached my amount tonight.


I've also been thinking about last year and what it means to me, what the year was like for me, etc. I'll either do that post later or tomorrow.


God Bless


lv2trnscrb said...

Christy, you wrote this beautifully too. I understand your thoughts about when people say "I know how you feel" I used to be one of those types of people until I realized I have no idea how they feel unless I have personally experienced what they are dealing with. I can't imagine how you feel having lost a child to cancer or how it is for you to have a husband in Iraq because I haven't experienced that. I can sympathize with you, but not empathize with you because I have nothing to base that on. Similarly, you couldn't understand how it is to walk in and find out your child has taken an overdose on purpose of medicine (and I hope you never have to experience such a thing). So I know exactly what you are dealing with.

I, too, hope the miners' knew Jesus. I hope there was at least one there that did and talked to the others about Him.


scotthlori said...

Great entry!  

I also hate it when someone tries to tell me how I feel.  That really pushes my buttons.


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demandnlilchit said...

Death is always harder for those that are left behind. Their grief lasts a life time.

barbpinion said...

People speak without thinking first sometimes. At least I know they have in my life, when saying they know how I feel. I cried for the miners and their families too. SO much sadness in the world, so much tragedy. Like you, I hope that the miners know the Lord, and that the families will turn TO GOD rather than away from Him.

sangrialel said...

I have been very sad over all this also.  I hope they turn to Him and not away also.  You are a wonderful example of how to turn to Him.  Lelly