Monday, January 30, 2006

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy, like Sunday morning!  In honor of those who still believe in Sunday morning drives, here is one for you.

Tell me...

Is there a street in your city or town that you dread being on and will absolutely avoid driving, if possible?

You have at least one where you live, right?  Go to your journal and tell people about it, then come back here and leave your journal entry link in the comments below.  I mean, are there really that many crazy drivers out there, or were they all just sent to this part of the country?


Well here in Germany there really aren't any streets so far that I drive on a fairly regular basis that I've deemed just dreadful. Downtown area in general is often just really busy, they have different traffic laws in Germany (like no turning right at Red lights unless there's a turn signal as well and then it must be green still), and parking spaces are smaller/tighter than in the states which can be difficult with my minivan which is like a monster it seems at times over here.

I have to say though back in Kansas where we lived last there was a street I hated driving on, Washington street. It's the main street full of stop lights at almost every corner, it's insane!


If you want to play "Easy Like Sunday Morning" don't link back to back to Dona!!


randlprysock said...

Interstate Highway 4 in the state of Florida.  Nightmare.  30 plus accidents a day.  Doom to whom drive upon it.  Inevitable and inescapable.  Steer carefully on 4, use thy best skills and stay alert, and pray heartily.  Above all, try to have an escape plan at all times while on I-4.

delela1 said...

Apparently Main Street America has been cloned across the country.  Ummm, Christy, guess we're not in Kansas anymore.

Sorry, couldn't resist.  :) I don't get the chance to say that...ever!

Thanks for playing...Dona