Monday, January 2, 2006

5 Weird Things

I was tagged by Darlene....I'm supposed to name 5 weird things about me then tag 5 more, we'll see how weird I am! I think I'm pretty normal! ROFL!


1. I am actually excited about homeschooling my children vs sending them out of the house. I'm not a mom who normally says "oh I can't wait til they can go to school and get out of my hair"....I'm finding most people are opposite of me in that.

2. I enjoy vaccuming. I's my favorite chore!

3. I don't like Survivor! The show drives me nuts, so I don't watch it!

4. I have a horrible memory for many things, the one time in my life I didn't even have to write things down, although thankfully I had mind enough to know eventually my brain would return to it's natural state, was while Jordyn was fighting cancer. I could remember what time she had every chemo, bone marrow asperate, spinal, and the names of all her medications and the chemo's she was on or had, etc. I wrote everything down on a big calender though so that now since my brain doesn't seem to retain all that information at the front I can look it up.

5. The last weird thing about me...I have complete peace over Chad being in Iraq. That's not really weird, that's all GOD though!


The 5 people I'm tagging...hmmmm....Hunybea's Open Journal, Traci, Betty,Kelly(2),Louie



angcrewswife said...

Thats not weird at all .. Ang :) Im the same with a lot of that.

lv2trnscrb said...

I don't think your things are weird, Christy. I truly admire you for wanting to homeschool your kids and its awesome that you trust in the Lord so much for Chad's safety - what a tremendous testimony!

thanks for tagging me :)


sangrialel said...

Vaccuming??  Please come visit me!  I don't like doing it but I don't like the way anyone else in the house does it so I do it myself!!!  Lelly

jckfrstross said...

number 5 is not weird i admire you for that(trusting in god)


fairylaura said...

Hmm.. I'd say you are one of the most normal people I know! I like number 5 though. It's awesome to have that inner peace about it. Take care!


happysunshien said...

ughhhhh you are weird!  you like vacuuming???? YUCK!


luvatalaff said...

thanks for stopping by my journal.......I definitely will be back to yours you have a wonderful one......God bless.......blessings to you and your family!!!

randlprysock said...

I like vacuuming too and I don't like that show Survivor either.  My quirks in my journal are really long and goofy.  Hugs,