Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Moving Woe's


One of Chad's soldiers (the wife is a friend of mine) they're moving. They actually leave tomorrow, after housing comes through and clears them. They were supposed to clear Monday, but were no where ready. They had just got their moving truck Sunday night, were not fully packed yet, and cleaning oh my did they still need to clean. Chad was over there from about 2:30 til after 11. Then I went over there til after 2 am and helped clean.

They were able to get clearing pushed back til tomorrow (Wed) and tonight they called and they're still not done cleaning! Chad's over there right now! It's 12:16, and he has to be up in about 5 1/2 hrs for PT. He doesn't "have" to always have a lot of sleep, but seriously they knew at 5 that they were going to need help, it'd been nice if they'd called then and after dinner Chad could have went over and been home at a decent hour.

Now I'm not one to say I get things done early by any means, but seriously when you know you're moving, you start packing a few weeks ahead of time. Not everything is their fault, Paul has/had a horrible platoon leader (who was/is Chad's too). I can't say anything nice about him, so I'll just leave it at I don't like the lazy son of a gun! :)

Well I just had to vent a little. I'm all for procastination, but have to say this is rediculous! LOL

Have a good night!

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fairylaura said...

Oh vent on girl! I know what you're talking about. People do tend to just procrastinate when they have stuff to do. It kills me to see that too! Take care!