Saturday, March 5, 2005

Duke and the Great Pie War

Play Duke game and win prizes!


Today our church is going to be showing the Veggie Tales movie

Jacob's excited to get to see it. I love the Veggie Tales movies in general. Teaching kids biblical stories and sharing the word of GOD, what a gift!

I'm always saddened when I come across parents who are not doing their best to teach their children the word of GOD, by reading them the bible, taking them to church, and by example. We don't cuss in our home. I do really good 99% of the time on cussing. I'm not always the best at keeping my thoughts to myself, it's something I work on daily. I want my boys to grow up fearing GOD and having such a deep love for him.

I grew up not going to church. I was always very ignorant about what the bible said.My parents never made it a priority in their lives to teach us GOD's word. My grandma took us to Sunday school and church for a few years. We then started going to Youth Group on Sunday nights, it wasn't enough though. I grew up with parents who to this day use the God's name in Vain and it honestly just stabs me in the heart. I do love my parents, yet struggle to honor them. I've learned especially while Chad was in Iraq that stepping back away from them and at one point cutting off all ties to them (for about 6 months) is sometimes necessary. If they were not my parents, I'm really not sure if I'd like them. It makes me sad to say that, yet it's the truth.

I want to be a different kind of mom than what I had. One who runs around playing with her kids, doing art projects, sharing the word of GOD with them, reading to them daily (Daddy reads to them nearly every night and I read to them many times throughout the day!), teaching them new games, having tickle time, and having quiet time where we just sit together and cuddle and talk. If I'm ever blessed to have another daughter, I long for a relationship where she never doubts my love for her. I want to just lavish my kids with love and teach them to be kind and loving children and then adults.

I limit what my children can watch on tv and movies. I know I'm one of the more stict mom's I've come across when it comes to this, but it's what I believe is right for our children. Jacob gets 1/2 hr of tv a day and 1 day a week gets a movie of his choice (well again one that he knows he is allowed to watch). We play outside a lot when it's nice out. He can learn so much more from play than tv. I need to be outdoors as well, because when I'm outside I'm not eating! That's a good thing! lol

Well, I will let you all know what we think of the Veggie Tales movie. I'm sure it'll be great! Yet to see one we haven't liked! Do you have an all time favorite Veggie Tale song? Mine is "God is bigger than the Boogieman". It gets in my head and I can't get rid of it! LOL


Have a great day!




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