Friday, March 4, 2005

Don't you love how when you make a meal and it cooks for a few hours it smells up your whole house. You can walk outside and still smell it! Oh I love that! I love that people are outside their homes smelling something delicious and trying to figure out where it's coming from. (Well if they're like me they are and normally trying to figure out exactly what it is too! LOL)

I made roast for dinner. I normally make it in the electric skillet (my favorite way) or the crock pot. Today I decided to put it in the oven. I've never made a roast in the oven. So I put it in and oh it smelled so good. I made wheat bread too. Again so good!

Chad of course ate it up, and the boys cleared their plates in almost record time. Jacob cleaned his plate and begged for more roast and bread! Jackson finished then begged more roast off of Chad! LOL

Tomorrow we're going to church for a viewing of the new Veggie Tales movie. I'm going to make Round Steak and tomato gravy. Now don't turn your noses up because of the gravy. Trust me, we've yet to make this for someone who doesn't love it! I swear it's the best!! Get some round steak or any type of steak you like and fry it up. Take the drippings from the steak and add a little flour to it then add a can of tomato juice. Cook it to get it to a nice thickness and then serve over mashed potatoes and steak. If any of you are brave enough to make this let me know if you like it or hate it. Most are a little scared, but it's just so good!

Sunday I'm making turkey! The commissary had a good buy on turkey's so I got a small one and am going to make it. I'm definately making homemade noodles and debating stuffing or not. I'm on Weight Watchers and have done so well, so I am a little nervous on the stuffing. No special dessert so that will be good! :) I'm just looking forward to smelling the turkey! I love smelling food, can't imagine why I gained weight like I have,  huh..smelling and eating!

I'm really trying to work hard though on portion control and I really feel like 99% of the time I've done great. Lunch I've done great on, low fat turkey and chicken on whole wheat with carrots fat free ranch and sometimes a handful of pretzels. I am satisfied through the days amazing enough! I've been getting a lot more fruit and veggies into my diet aswell, which fill me up, and biggest Pepsi or RC! I have had no pop since I started this!!

I've also lost a total of 9 lbs now. Just a 0.8 lb loss this past week, but it's still a loss and a lot of people don't lose anything the week after a big loss! I'm excited to see what this next weeks loss is, well I hope it's a loss! :)


happysunshien said...

ohhh yummm...dinner sounds good at your house...we had beans and hamburger (cooked together) and cornbread with some jalapeno and onion and sweet tea.....we love the round steak and tomato gravy at our house...but I am whats called a country kids eat GREENS...any type they arent


fairylaura said...

CONGRATS!!!! 9lbs is a lot!!! Mmmmm roast!! I haven't had that in so long. Yes, I love it when the house smells like dinner and the outside too!!! I'm so happy for you! (((HUGS)))


myboyzrqt2 said...

Hi Christy.  My name is Christine. (Myboyzrqt2)  I don't know how I stumbled on your journal, but none the less, I have.  Your story has tugged at my heart strings, and I can not even imagine how one would cope with your loss.  I'm deeply sorry.  I'm writing, because I too need to lose 100 pounds.  I joined weight watchers 4 weeks ago.  I'm down 10.8 pounds. (Had a great lose two weeks in a row, and "fell of the wagon" for the last two.)  I try so hard to stay on track.  Food is comfort for me, and also I just love it!  I love cooking and baking, and eating it too! LOL  I wish you luck with your journey of WW.  I'd enjoy updates, if you have the time.   You know now you aren't alone with this battle.  There are so many of us dealing with it.  One day at a time.  Have a good week, and in the words of my leader........I hope we see "less" of you next time! :)

robinngabster said...

I love those commissary specials! I also love when it smells so good in my house the husband walks in fron work and says...oh yum! I could smell that cooking all the way to the drive way!