Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pictures of Italy

Here's some of the pictures I took on our trip to Italy! We absolutely loved it and are planning on going back! We're looking at going back in April possibly, after our trip to Ireland. We loved it there and did not get to see nearly as much as we wanted, so really we HAVE to go back! LOL





If you click on the pictures I put text of where we're at or what we're doing!


crewsfour said...

What great pictures Christy - it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.  The pictures with the pigeons are pretty funny - I guess the pigeons are used to landing on people.  Leene

mumma4evr said...

great pics!!!  can I come next time?

cvgflydis said...

Pictures are too cool! I must add, lil' Emma is starting to really look like her Mommy! : )
Glad you had a wonderful time!


springangel235 said...

Beautiful...just beautiful photos...loved all the family shots.  Hipe you have a wonderful week...hugs and love,

deshelestraci said...

Fantastic pictures!  I'm jealous!

lv2trnscrb said...

looks like you guys had a great time, Christy; I just don't know about those pidgeons though, I agree, I wouldn't want one of them on my head; too icky feeling! (I read ahead to your next entry).

Emma is so cute; they do grow up so fast! your boys are getting so big too!


chat2missie said...

Great pictures.  Thanks for sharing.

ksgal3133 said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us :)


manda2177 said...

I LOVE the pics of you and the kids in Venice.  I can't believe you were in Venice and Italy and the Austia border and everywhere!!  That seems like a fanstasy to me.  SOOOO glad you guys had fun and loved reading about all you did.

God bless-

stupidsheetguy said...

Здравствулте!, я надеюсь что вы готовы на славный, ослабляя викэнд. Было хорошо увидеть вас.

Beautiful pics, by the way :)

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Wonderful pics!!!!

Thanks for sharing