Thursday, January 31, 2008


Seven years ago I delivered Jacob via planned c-section. My first son, 2nd child. I was so scared during my pregnancy that I would not be able to love him. Trust me when I say it was NOT the same fear as most soon to be 2nd time mom's have about not having as much love, I mean I was terrified of not loving him. Jordyn had died 8 months earlier, the pregnancy was shocking for Chad and I. I was grieving, fearful, scared, etc. etc etc. Then he cried....all my fears were eleveated and I was IN LOVE with him, before I'd even see his face! He showed me I COULD love again.

The pictures above...some are from when he was born and first came home. Jacob was born on my Maternal Great Grandmother's 91 birthday. She had prayed and vocalized many times how she wanted a grandbaby born on her birthday...Jacob was the one and only! She ABSOLUTELY adored him. He was her "birthday baby" and for the next 1 yr 10 months she loved him with all her heart and now is in Heaven. There's a picture of her holding her best birthday present EVER :)!! He's not a baby anymore, he's truly a little boy.

Today was a good day! He woke Chad and I up at 4:20 this morning to tell us the Tooth Fairy had came and left him $5.00!!! He was THRILLED! We sent him back to bed after telling him Happy Birthday and that we loved him! During Chad's lunch he opened his presents! We got him a whole big kit for his PSP, a memory card for his PSP. Chad got him a Pirates of the Carribean little set and a pirate bag with various things in it. I got him the book "Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein". Jack got him a Playmobil pirate thing and Emma got him a Bionicle! LOL I took some pictures of him putting together his playmobil set and of him playing! There's pictures of us at dinner..he chose Greek! The food was wonderful as always!

He had a double header basketball game tonight. He got to play in most of both games. We made cupcakes this afternoon, he insisted on green icing. We took cupcakes to his teammates for after the game and they all wished him a happy birthday! After dinner we walked over to the Eis Cafe (Icecream Shop). Jacob got speghetti ice (vanilla ice cream that looks like speghetti with strawberry topping as the sauce), Chad got that too (his favorite). In one of the pictures at the Eis Cafe, you see Jack beside Jacob looking absolutely miserable! ROFL! The little guy was stuffed, as he should have been!

Saturday evening he's got friends coming over. Two or three will be spending the night while at least 2 will just come for pizza, cake, and a movie. Tomorrow will be cleaning day. The boys will be getting that playroom spotless, so that on Saturday Chad can bring the tv and dvd player in there and get it set up, along with airmattresses and the boys little couch (Spiderman couch). I want their room cleaned up too. I'll be putting laundry away and vacuuming our bedroom. I got the living room and dining room vaccumed today. I also need to take the bird cake down since Whisker's killed our bird. The recylcing has to go out.  We'll be making the cake on Saturday. Chad's going to draw a Dragon on there and we're going to put on of his Playmobil Knights on it. :) It should be hopefully pretty simple compared to last year's Tank Cake (which wasn't too  hard, but this will definately be less work and far cheaper! LOL). We do need to go buy the cake for his party and get some ice cream too and a few other snacks for the kids and get everything for the pizza's.

My mom called him today as well as my brother's wife and daughter's. He talked to Chad's mom last night.

Time just goes by so fast. I am so thankful I can be a SAHM. I love my children so much. I love that I can homeschool them. Our life is crazy enough being an Army family so the fact that I can be a source of stability for our children and knowing that they don't ahve to switch schools with every move is a blessing.

Well this Momma is tired and I obviously have lots of cleaning to do tomorrow, so I better get to bed.

God Bless and thank you to those of you who wished Jacob a happy birthday! Mine's next! Feb 9! :) OF course Chad will once again be gone! I think he's been home for maybe 3 of my birthday's in 11 years! LOL That's the Army life! :)


linnpooh said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Enjoy every moment of it Christy :)

Pooh Hugs,

dasajam1 said...

Well hello!  Thanks so much for visiting my journal. Good luck in the giveaway. I bet your loving living in Germany.  We just came back last year from Japan and I miss it terribly!  


lv2trnscrb said...

I guess I should have looked to see if there was another entry from you before I left a comment in your last entry asking how Jacob's birthday was. seems like he had a great day!! the ice cream looks scruptous!! he got some cool gifts too!!

I hope the rest of his birthday celebration goes by just as fun!


sangrialel said...

Glad to hear he had a great birthday!  Linda

chat2missie said...

I'm glad Jacob had a nice bday!  Enjoy your weekend.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Happy belated birthday Jacob!!!!


jckfrstross said...

thank you for sharing Jacobs birthday:) love the pictures:)


stupidsheetguy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your precious little guy. And many more happy, healthy years


bhbner2him said...

Loved the pictures!!!  And the story of Jacob's birth. I thank God for how he has blessed you all!  -  Barbara

tsalagiman1 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jacob!  What a precious story about his birth!  Your Great Grandmother was just glowing in that picture!  That was awesome!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


ksgal3133 said...

Happy belated bday to him :)


ekgillen said...

What a great birthday for your boy!!!
Great pics!!