Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just Can't Catch Up

I have so many journal alerts and with everyone being sick (today it caught up with me...just light headed and feeling cruddy and sleeping ALL DAY literally..hence why I'm still awake at 3:30 am! :X) anyways I just can not get caught up on journals. It's just too overwhelming to me and I have so much to do over the next couple of days. I'm planning a deployed spouses dinner and being the procrastinator that I am, have 2 weeks to finalize up everything up! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I really don't have too much left to do, but still I'm feeling stressed now. Since I was not feeling good and Emma did NOT sleep good last night I did not go to my board meeting for PWOC (which is through who I'm doing the deployed spouses dinner).

Just so you know the dinner is for spouses who's husband's are deployed down range. We're having it catered, will have someone give a devotional (which I am really feeling led to be me), and free childcare, and will give every lady a book as a gift. I'm also wanting to get some flowers for the tables and having a drawing for who gets those.

I also have to get some paperwork done tomorrow. I hope I feel good tomorrow. I'm feeling fine right now, so I think it'll be fine. I was supposed to go to the gym tomorrow so I'll have to talk to my friend about what time she wants to go. No way I can go in the morning. Unless she wants to do it on Thursday and Friday instead of tomorrow. I know it'd work better for me that way.


Oh everyone else is pretty well all better too, well the boys in my house. Chad, Jacob, and Jack are pretty well done coughing which is good. Emma is still coughing, but not like she was and tonight she was laughing and smiling and just being our sweet Emma again!!


Well I'm off!


Good night and God bless



lv2trnscrb said...

Christy, I'm glad everyone is feeling better, (thank you Lord), but I'm sorry it caught up with you (Lord we lift up Christy, help her to feel better and to feel your peace especially since she has so much going on in the next few days, in Jesus we pray, amen).

Sweetie, delete the alerts. Don't stress out over them. Priorities: Jesus, husband, children, friends. Its just not worth getting stressed out over them and they will always be there. That's one good thing about J-Land. Its always there.

so enjoy the dinner which is a wonderful thing to put on, if you do the devotional, I'm sure it will be awesome. Enjoy your time with kids and Chad.

journals can wait.


pixiedustnme said...

could you just post a couple more times to get that stupid song off the main page?!!  

jckfrstross said...

feel better:)


nay0114 said...

Gosh I hope you get better. Glad to hear everyone is on the way to better now. Get some rest when you can.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

sangrialel said...

Glad to hear that almost everyone is feeling better!  I hope you get caught up and don't feel so stressed!  Linda

hbound4 said...

Sure hope this finds you feeling much, much better so you can get all that you do done! You are one busy lady and I know other appreciate it so much.
Would love for you to share the devotional and any others you have with me you can e-mail when you have the time don't want to add another thing to your plate.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I can't get caught up for nothing since christmas either Christy....time is limited....so little time..so much to do...ugh!

Hope the dinner goes well....that is so nice!


springangel235 said...

I am so behind too...I know the feeling you are having.  I do hope you feel better and the dinner went well.  Sounded so nice.  Hope Emma gets some sleep too...when kids don't sleep, Mom's don't sleep.
Hugs and love to all,

manda2177 said...

Well...I really pray that you all heal up fast!!!  That event that you are planning sounds really wonderful... and how powerful that you could be sharing a devotion or testimony!!!!  I will pray that the Lord guides you...

God bless-

bhbner2him said...

Hope this means you are all over the hump so to speak.  Your plans for the dinner sound really nice so far.  ;o)  -  BArbara

tsalagiman1 said...

Hope you're feeling much better.  Maybe a post about what you give the devotional about?


cvgflydis said...

Procrastination I can understand.

I planned my 20th HS Reunion......and understand where you're coming from with that too.

I hope everything falls into place for you, so you can then rest. Kuddo's to you for doing the devotional.