Monday, January 28, 2008

Back Full Time Again

Well I'm back and should be making entries a little more often, not as much as oh say Lori who made I think 6 just tonight! LOL's slowing back down a bit. Chad heads out to the field for a month next week. The big news here though is that Jacob is turning 7 yrs old on Thursday! How IS that possible? I can't believe it, seriously. It seems like just yesterday that boy was born and here he is turning 7 it's just not right! I need to make an apt to get his yearly pictures taken and get Emma's 6 month pictures taken (yes she'll be 6 months on is THAT possible too????).

Jacob's having a few friends over for homemade pizza's, cake, ice cream, movie, and a sleep over for a couple of them. He's excited. He still has to tell us what he wants for his cake! Jacob had a birthday party today and got to do a tour under the city we live in! It's one of those things that you have to do while living here...sadly Chad and I have yet to get to do it! It's either been booked up when they offer it for English speaking tour (fills up FAST) or we have something to prevent us from going. Jacob LOVED it, said it was awesome! LOL


Jack had his last basketball game tonight. He actually joyfully played in it tonight, which was wonderful and amazing! He's not wanted to play hardly at all this season, although it was HIM who insisted he wanted to play in the beginning! Go figure! I really don't see him or Jaocb playing next year and I admit I will NOT be heartbroken over it at all. We've done basketball the last 3 season's and I know that come next year I will definately not mind the break!

Well...I need to get to bed. I should have went earlier, but that didn't happen! :( I have laundry to do tomorrow, but that's all I have planned. Yeah! I am READY for a day off where I do not have to go anywhere! I'm hoping it'll be nice enough I can take the kids out for a walk. I know the boys are really wanting to go to the park too, so hopefully it'll be nice enough for that! If it is, I'll see if our friend B will come out and "play" with us too! :)


God bless and Good Night


jckfrstross said...

they grow up so fast:) enjoy your week


scotthlori said...

Hey now, most of them were short!  *sticking out tongue*


Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

Score some points but don't be a ball hog!  *geez, @@*  (Lacie has one on her team.)


nelishianatl said...

I wish Jacob a very happy birthday.  Welcome back!


deshelestraci said...

What is it with these folks who post 6, 7, 8 posts a day?!  I'm doing good to find time for one.  Why?  Cuz I end up reading everyone else's umpteen posts!!!!
Emma turned 7 at the beginning of the month.  She SEEMS older already.  I hate it!

lv2trnscrb said...

I bet the tour under the city would be cool to do!

I do hope Jacob has a wonderful birthday party and sleepover when he celebrates his big day!


linnpooh said...

Our children grow so fast and they are our joy!! I hope Jacob has a wonderful party......enjoy it Mom, and WE WANT PICTURES!!!

Pooh Hugs,

ukgal36 said...

just stopping by to say hi..I have been MIA for a bit..good to hear all is well with you guys..

chat2missie said...

Wait till your kids turn 18!!  I'm going thru that in a few months.  It seems like she should still be a little girl! LOL
Enjoy your week.

sangrialel said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!  Linda

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!


tsalagiman1 said...

They grow up fast.  They'll be grown and gone before you know it.  Glad things are slowing down for you some.


janid731 said...

Glad things are going well. I always heard parents talk about their kids growing up so fast and I never really truly understood it--now I do. I have a one year old when I am still finding it hard to believe I am a Mommy! :)

God Bless


manda2177 said...

You say not much going on... and I am exhausted just reading your entry! lol  I willpray that Chad's work goes by quickly!  Happy Birthday to that little angel of yours!  Mine turns 3 on the 7th...and I turn 31 on the 1st!  AAAHHHHHHHH! lol

God bless-

mumma4evr said...

so grow so fast...and some you think will never be an adult!!!  at least in my home!  LOL

springangel235 said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob!!!!  Sounds like he is going to have a great time.  Kids grow up so fast.   Hope your end of the week goes well...hugs and love,

ekgillen said...

Hope Jacob had a great birthday!!  A tour under the city sounds amazing!