Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here's a few pictures that were taken over the last few days. If you notice...Emma's getting up on her knee's, she's NOT crawling yet, but oh so close. She can roll anywhere she wants and can scoot (backwards is her speciality) very quickly! In one picture she's sitting up with just the boppy behind her to help her if she falls, and another she's wearing Daddy's beret! She's just too cute, I know! LOL  The pictures of Jack alone are from today, he was being a goof ball! The pictures of Jacob where he's in the red shirt are from today as well. Today is his last day of being 6 yrs old. It feels like an end of something, like being 7 is a whole new stage for some reason. He ended his 6th year on a HUGE high note for himself...he lost his FIRST tooth!

A couple nights ago him and Jack were wrestling and Jackson actually punched Jacob in the chin. Trust me that child got into more trouble than I can write! The next morning Jacob says "my tooth is loose!!! I think Jackson actually knocked it loose"! He was all giddy! ROFL! He's MY child. He has my small mouth (we're not talking voice or ability to talk a lot here! Giggling!! No we're talking physical's SMALL like mine). His teeth are just so tiny and that was so evident today when he showed me his tooth. It's just super tiny! We have tooth fairy boxes that I bought in Poland. I only bought one for each boy, but I see now that's not going to work!! When I go back to Poland (supposed to next month with some friends) I'm getting 4 more boxes. Each child needs 2 and this is they can put their tooth in it and so I have a place to store their teeth! I obviously will have to write on the bottom of them so I know whose is whose. I don't intend to keep their baby teeth FOREVER, but I do plan to keep them for a while! I remember when I quit believing in the tooth fairy and asking my mom what she did with all the teeth and she pulled them out of the cabinet, she'd kept them in a coffee cup that she obviously never used! I remember thinking it was cool that she'd kept them and remember telling her if she wanted to throw them away she could.

I know she didn't throw them out that minute, she said it was a few months later.

Anyways...Jacob pulled it out while at a friends house! He was so thrilled he couldn't stand it. So the Tooth Fairy left him $5.00. She will leave that for the first tooth and after that she'll leave $1.00 a tooth.  I know Jacob's going to be so excited in the morning when he see's the tooth fairy as been here and she HAS been here already! LOL She came about 10 pm! ;)

So, anyways. Tomorrow Jacob turns 7. How is that possible? It honestly feels like he was just born and now he's 7. He's halfway to 14. I just want time to slow down. I know he's going to be 18 in a blink of an eye and be planning his future either college or the military. How did this happen? Where did the time go? It's just flying by far too quickly. IT IS a blink of an eye. I really don't need people who's children are older teens or adults to tell me, I really DO Get it. These last 7 yrs have just flown by. I KNOW tomorrow's not promised on this earth for me or my children or my husband. I get that.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Jacob and I are going to make birthday cupcakes! He wants to help. Marble cake with green icing (yep, green..oh yum ha! I don't like icing the way it is! LOL). He'll take them to the basketball game so he can hand them out after the game. He's NOT happy he has to go to his game, but he does. He made a committment to play, so he's playing. He wants to have Greek food for dinner, I told Chad so I have a feeling we're going to the Greek resturant. It's REALLY good!

When Chad gets home from work, hopefully before Jacob's game we'll have time to open gifts, if not we'll do it after the game and before going out to eat. Or we'll take the gifts with us to the resturant!

Oh my goodness! I didn't tell you all! It's not secret that I HATE smoking. Detest it, wish it were illegal..etc, etc, etc! Well German's seem to love smoking. I don't get it, it grosses me out, disgusts me, etc! They've smoked all over the places. Inside malls, resturants, etc. Well it's been banned from all public places! I'm sooo happy! We can now go out to eat and not leave there smelling like a stinking ashtray and most importantly I don't worry about my family breathing in 2nd  hand cancer causing agents! This is just such an awesome answer to prayers! Oh what a blessing!!!

Well I'm off! I'll write an entry tomorrow about my Birthday Boy!



jckfrstross said...

love the pictures:) all of the kids are really growing up:) the one with the Beret is priceless. Happy Birthday Jacob hope its a great day


lv2trnscrb said...

Christy, I so enjoyed those pictures!! So neat that Jacob lost his first tooth; such a big milestone!!

I can't wait to read his birthday entry to hear about his special day!!

Jack is a ham, you are right! And little Emma, what a cutie!! I loved her with the sunglasses on.

enjoy the day!


mumma4evr said...

wow!!!  she sure is growing!!

ukgal36 said...

The smoking is a european thing..i happy for the ban for you..they did it in Uk too..
happy birthday to jacob!

sangrialel said...

I love the picture of Emma with the sunglasses on!  Linda

janid731 said...

Lookit how big your kids are geting... Emma just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love the pic of her in the beret!  That's awesome! :) Rebekah would definately like her to come over and play---she smiles whenever she sees her picture and come on over any time! :) Who knows maybe one day they will be journal buddies! :)

I hope you have a fantastic Birthday!  Which Jacob a very happy birthday from us in MN. :)

God Bless


springangel235 said...

I loved all the photos....Emma is so seeing how she is growing so fast.  Boys will be the wrestling thing going on in this house far, the teeth are staying in place.  Got to put a lid on it at times.  Hope your days and evenings are going well...enjoy...
Hugs and love,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Your children are just beautiful!!  What a sweet sweet baby Emma is!!  I know you are enjoying every second of her.  And a great big happy birthday to Jacob!!  I'm glad to hear you all are doing well.  love ya, Shelly

manda2177 said...

Those pictures are absolutely heavenly.  What little angels you have!!

lol about the tooth... I like to read about how you go through these things, because I have absolutely no idea how I am going to get through them!!  

God bless you-

deshelestraci said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!  Did you have to say half way to 14?  Can we just enjoy the seven-ness?!  LOL  I'm not ready for a 14 year old.
We just had smoking banned in all restaurants in TN.  It is a nice thing!

linnpooh said...

Oh Christy, the kids have just all grown so much.....and Emma is so beautiful. Oh, I wish you could slow them seems like just yesterday that Mandy was Jacob's age, and now....she is turning 25 on Sunday!!

Hold on tight, Christy!!!

Pooh Hugs,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Precious pics!

I feel the same way you do about smoking..ewww!


ekgillen said...

The pics are awesome!

Emma's eyes are gorgeous!!  It appears she's gonna take off crawling at any second!!

First tooth~how exciting!!!

How cool that Jacob likes Greek food!  We love it but our son is just now getting a taste for it!