Sunday, December 11, 2005

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Dona asks

Easy -- Week #30

Easy -- like Sunday morning!

Winter can bring on some extreme weather in many regions around the world. Here in Idaho it is 20 degrees outside and an icy blanket of frost blankets the frozen ground. Looking out my window at this frosty landscape got me thinking.

Tell me...

What is the most extreme place you have ever visited?

Hmmm, I've lived in quite a few states, of course most of them I lived in before I was even 5, so there's not a lot of weather/temp memories. I think really Kansas, just for the fact that the temp. can change so quickly and so extreme. I remember in Dec. '95 the temps were so frigid...Neg 60 with the windchill and tons of snow on the ground. The summers get hot and they're humid!


Of course here in Germany the weather can change in a blink of an eye. When I first arrived here in mid/late July we stepped off the plane and it was in the high 50's/low 60's....3 days later it was in the 90's!

Go figure...I'm just a girl that likes to live in places where the weather is unpredictable! LOL


lv2trnscrb said...

they have a saying in Montana - if you don't like the weather, just stick around for twenty minutes and it can change - and sure enough it does sometimes.

I don't think I could stay the humidity of Kansas. I've lived placed with low humidity and when I visit places with higher humidity it is difficult to breathe until I get used to it.


bpcorn48 said...

1st fo all,,,, your red letters are very hard to see, maybe to just me who can't see at night lol...... Its very cold here and 16 ins. of snow and more Friday.....:>)
The most extreme place is FL..... warm in AM, hot by noon  and at 5 pm everyday it would RAIN         DIANE

delela1 said...

Good morning Christy!  Wow, Kansas does have some extremes... just thinking about -60 degrees makes me cold and ironically I just sneezed!   And then the combination of heat and humidity...yuck!  But I didn't know you were currently in Germany.  Where in Germany are you located?

Thank you for playing!


njlittlebear said...

Neg 60 ??? Ouch !!!   You really need a good heater for that one.