Friday, December 9, 2005

Christmas Market


Ok well because I'm me, and I'm forgetful...I left my camera on the charger this morning (since I wanted to make sure it was all charged up for taking pictures...haha!)

One of the ladies who went took pictures and said she'll email the pictures, she said it may take her while...and honestly I'm hoping that I can get back down there before the 20th and just explore and take pictures! I'm also going to go to our town's Christmas market and get some I'll post them. Nurenburg's Christmas Market...all I can say is WOW! I didn't get to see all of it, I believe I saw the "main" part, but there was a whole other section that I didn't get to see! :( It's just huge! AND.......WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anyways......I found some great things! I got a really a very tall Nutcracker for our family, a small round nutcracker for my friend's son who just loves them! I got 3 for me, he's a wonderful snowman, a fisherman for Chad, and one who's sewing for my mom (yesterday was her birthday!) I also got 2 German porclein dolls for my nieces, and...I got me the cutest snowman Christmas ornament who's arms and legs move when you pull the string! I love those things! He's already hanging on our tree!

Here's the pictures of what I got today! :)


The first nutcracker is for my friends son who loves them. He's very unique with a beautiful glittery paint finish. Great price for the quality. The tall one is our family's 1st Nutcracker and lots of nice little details (the crisscrosses for example), he was only about $33.00! :) The doll is part of a set for my nieces.


This is my beloved snowman ornament up close. These are all the finds I got today. The front 3 are what's called "Smokers" You put these unique type of incence in them and light them and smokes comes out their mouths! The fisherman is for Chad, the snowman is mine, and the one at the sewing machine is for my mom!



Here's my snowman ornament from more of a distance. I LOVE Snowmen!



angcrewswife said...

Are you talking about Christkindlemarkt? Sounds a lot like it. I LOVE SMOKERS! We have several here that used to be in my grandparents house along with the hand made nutcrackers oh my I would have been in absolute heaven going to the markets! Ugh I cant wait to get to Germany I NEED THOSE ORDERS!! lol

my3gifts said...

Yes it is the Christkindlemarket, the one and only in Nurenburg! If a person's never been, they truly just can't even imagine it, I know that pictures could never do it justice unless they were aireal! It's an amazing place and I can't wait to go! I love it here in Germany...this is exactly where GOD wants us to be!

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm so happy you had a nice day, Christy. Love the pictures. I prayed you would have fun today :)

remember, the photo scavenger hunt is angels and/or snowmen this week. Deadline Sunday 12/11 if you want to play. Any of these you took of snowmen would fit the bill :)


mikalsgrl said...


WONDERFUL pictures:) and I am sooo jealous!I am glad you had a wonderful day!!

robinngabster said...

Oh my goodness...that is my worst nightmare. Leaving my camera at home when I really need it. Hope she sends the pics before next year...I am dying to see!

deshelestraci said...

Great stuff!  I glanced at the web link you left and couldn't believe all of the stuff to do.  Wow.  YOu are so lucky!  Have fun and try to go again!

angelm0304 said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!  I love snowmen too.  You got some wonderful things.  I have a habit of forgetting my camera too.

bpcorn48 said...

For some reason I got the pictures of the Nutcrackers but not the snowman or fisherman, love the nutcrackers    *DIANE *

cdittric77 said...

I love his little belly :)
With peace and love,

tillysweetchops said...

Haha The ornaments actually look German too!

Sorry I haven't been by but it looks like Bloglines, which I was so pleased to find, is even worse than AOL alerts. I have been getting hardly any notifications!! Nor have lots of other people.

Tilly x

dsnowangel28 said...

My name is Kelly. Your link was in one of my friends journals, hope you don't mind me stopping by. Anyway, I love the pictures of the things you got today.