Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Ah the joy

I know it's been a while, life's been a little crazy and hectic here! I'm helping one of my neighbors until she moves to another post (single new mom). She's supposed to have her orders this week, but we'll see it is the Army! :) The extra money has been really nice though. On Friday I was watching the baby and feeding him while my boys were playing in the playroom....I could hear them playing and didn't think much of it. Then out came Jack....with paint all over his face (Nooooooooooooo! LOL) Fingerpainting, no, how did they get fingerpaint? Jacob had snuck into the bathroom to get cleaned up, because he knew he'd be in trouble. I walked into the playroom to look at the damage, it was far worse than I thought.....



What you don't see is the rest of the radiator or the window or all of the floor, or the toys or the book they also painted, and as you can see I had about half the table on the way to being cleaned off, actually that was Jacob's job to wipe the table down. Jack attempted to clean, but only seemed to make a bigger mess so he was sent away! I did get it all cleaned up, unfortunately the radiator now has a green tent and the wall right behind the radiator (under the window ) still has paint on it and it's not coming off! Ahhh! Thankfully we can get paint for free from self-help so come this spring the wall and radiator will be repainted, the RIGHT color! It's not been even a week and I can life and smile about it, but Friday it was no laughing matter...it was over all just one of those days.

Not including the one baby I'm watching right now, I've also been watching my neighbors (right across the hall) her baby. He's 4 wks old right now and when she returns to work (she's also a single soldier and his dad is also in Iraq..both are in Chad's unit) I'll start watching him until April when she's taking him to her mom, she may or may not have to deploy. I know I could never leave my children, so I'm really not understanding her logic behind leaving her baby if she DOES NOT deploy, but the fact is, he's not my child and it's not my decision. Anyways I've been watching him for a couple hrs here and there for the past couple of weeks while his mom runs to apts (it's verycold here), she doesn't have a drivers license (she took the test, just  never went and got it while living in the states and without a state license you can't get a license over here!) so she has to walk everywhere...the post is small so it's not that big of a deal, but still! The extra money has been great! I've been able to have enough money that I didn't have to use hardly any of our military pay for Christmas gifts! Friday I'm going to Nuremburg to the Christmas Market, which is the 2nd oldest and largest/most popular Christmas Market in Germany! I'm excited! Childcare is provided, so my boys are taken care of for the day!!!

Here's a picture of our post Christmas Tree. I know the picture isn't the best. The tree is huge. I'm hoping to get the boys up there this coming weekend and get some pictures of them in front of it.


Saturday I picked up my friend J and with my boys and her 2 girls and we all went shopping! We went to our local Christmas Market, I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done there (family's) and then we went up to Wurzburg to the PX and finished shopping! I have all our family's gifts wrapped and I'm mailing it tomorrow. I'm planning on wrapping the rests of the gifts throughout the rest of this week and hopefully will have presents under the tree by this weekend. Of course I may have to figure something out with Jack, since he already unwrapped little gifts that are to family! Ugh! So goes being 2 huh! :)



sangrialel said...

I wish that I was closer to being done with my shopping!  Lelly

lv2trnscrb said...

loved the pictures; you do have budding artists there, Christy! I'm glad you can laugh about it a little now!

Take care of yourself; don't over-extend yourself too much watching other people's kids okay?

That shopping trip sounds like a lot of fun :)


lv2trnscrb said...

loved the pictures; you do have budding artists there, Christy! I'm glad you can laugh about it a little now!

Take care of yourself; don't over-extend yourself too much watching other people's kids okay?

That shopping trip sounds like a lot of fun :)


memes121 said...

At the time, all that paint wasn't funny. But don't feel too bad. It is memories. Memories are precious! One day you will be glad of it!

pixiedustnme said...

and i meant to ask you the other day - is the paint now stored in the adult only kitchen?  ;-)

stupidsheetguy said...

LOL. OH MY LORD! The fingerpainting extravaganza! I'm so glad you saw the humor in this enough to post the pics, because it was a riot to see!

Good luck with the busy times you seem to have ahead!


kiplingcrissy said...

I feel your pain on the paint. My 2 year old somehow got red fingerpolish and painted her legs and the carpet. I threw her in the tub and after almost 6 months I still can't get the red out of the tub!! Kids do the strngest things.

mkolasa101 said...

Now that is a really interesting piece of artwork, but hey look over at that picture he painted.  There's a smiley face there.   A budding artist for sure.  It sounds like you have your hands full right now.  So nice of you to help your fiends out though.  It all comes back to you, you know.  Sometimes not from those you helped but from others somewhere else along the line, some day and when it does you smile and nod you head and say "Thank You."  Blessing to you,


angelm0304 said...

Oh my Gosh- they really made a mess huh?!  But ya gotta love 'em.  They grow up soooo fast.  Way to go on getting the Christmas shopping done.  I wish I was done.  Have a great day.