Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas pictures

Being a "single mom" isn't something I particularly enjoy and although it's not a permanent situation, when Chad's deployed I am living the life of a single parent to a degree and most the time I handle things fine, can do most everything that needs to be done myself, etc...there are times when I miss Chad so much I feel like I'm going to burst, but well that just goes with the territory you.

Christmas Eve and Christmas brought on a new light for myself...assembly required...2 of the most dreaded words any parent can read, much less a mom who's a little more frazzled than a normal Christmas...I had much to wrap since my 2 yr old felt the need to get a sneek peek earlier in the week, it was only a few gifts...but man those were 5 that I already HAD wrapped and now had to rewrap not including all that I still had left! Ugh!

Christmas Eve we did our normal PJ's that they get to unwrap, thanks to a dear friend of mine who sent not only Christmas Eve gifts, but also sent more pj's for the boys since she knew that I've had a hard time finding PJ's for the boys, she was very kind and generous! God's definately blessed me with amazing friends. I also let the boys open up Polar Express DVD so we could watch it together. We took the boys and my niece to see it in the theaters last yr and I'm so glad we went loses a little bit on a smaller screen, but it's still just such a wonderful movie! Oh how I love it! :) I also bought them a Little People's Christmas Story (Nativity Set)'ll only be pulled out during the Christmas season when the tree is set up and will be packed up when the tree is packed up, so that the boys can play with it, then. It's a really cute set and if you have younger children I highly recomment purchasing's well worth the money!


I had made some cookies and put some in baggies and left a bag for each of my neighbors...there's 7 total of us living in our stairwell right now, the apt below me has been empty since the beginning of September.




Those above are some pictures from Christmas Eve of the boys. I thought they were cute and although it looks all cute and easy, Jack was ANYTHING but easy to get into position, but once I got him there then he was a little ham! lol


Here's a few from Christmas morning:


Here's a few of each boy individually.



Jack on his pony                                           Jacob with his Teddy Bear from Jacob


I'll write more and post more pictures later...going to go play with the boys!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Oh the Rescue Hero Truck was from Daddy for Jacob. He got Jack a Weebles Treehouse. :) Ok so I got them, but they were from Daddy! Jack's Santa gift was the pony and Jacob's was a new bike..Jacob got Jack a beanie baby fish and you see the bear that Jacob LOVES from Jack! He sleeps with it every single night, he loves it so much!


God Bless


barbpinion said...

Being a single mom is the pits. I was one till I met my Johnny at age 37. I know it must be harder for you though, since your husband is in the service.  Hope the time passes swifter than lightning so he can be home with you and the boys soon.
Big hugs,

angcrewswife said...

Well mom.. looks like you pulled Christmas off wonderfully!! Your beautiful boys look absolutely adorable!!

sangrialel said...

Oh the boys look so cute!!!!  Glad you had a Merry Christmas.  Lelly

scotthlori said...

Oh, I was nice to see some pics of your boys!  They have beautiful smiles!  


stupidsheetguy said...

Well, if I may say so, you, as a "temporary Single Mom", did an awesome job with Christmas Day, judging by the happy faces in the pictures. You can be proud of yourself!


randlprysock said...

I can tell from their faces they had a wonderful Christmas Day!  Isn't putting toys together a pain in the ---?  I won't say.  And we had to use a steak knife over here to get them out of the packages.  It takes all kinds of stuff to open a toy these days.  So frustrating.  We still have some stuff to hook up to tv's and I'm dreading it.  These items sit in the box staring at me.  Hugs,

angelm0304 said...

Ahhh-- your boys are sooooo adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Polar Express is a great movie!!
I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas with the boys.

lv2trnscrb said...

great pictures, Christy. It seemed like the boys were happy with what they got.