Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Ok this just made me laugh today for some reason. If you like this take a look at the website...

I found it on Kelly's  site!

Been a pretty good day so far.

I sent out invitations for Jacob's birthday party that's on Saturday, to his class on Monday (yes I know it was late! LOL that's me!)...anyways, I figured 1 or 2 kids from his class would be coming..oh man I was wrong! So far 3 have RSVP'd! The one we KNEW would come, she has 3 other boys. Then yesterday as I was inviting our neighbor, she said prob not because her mom was coming..she just called they're coming too! Great! Chad's going to freak out I'm sure! LOL We're prob going to have to pay more, but that's ok. This is the only birthday or birthday party Chad's going to be around to celebrate for the next couple yrs. He had left 5 days before Jacob's birthday last yr and since his bday actually landed on a Saturday last yr we had his party ON the day. This year it's Monday so it's going to be 2 days early!

Next year, Chad will be in Korea, so he won't be able to be here. He'll miss 2 of Jackson's birthday's probably the way it looks. It sucks because he will have missed his 1st 3 birthdays. He didn't get home til September and Jack's birthday is in August. He'll have just left before Jack's 2nd birthday and he'll have a few more months left in Korea on his 3rd birthday.

Ok, I'm not going to think about the unpleasant things anymore,and just focus on the fact that it's looking like Jacob's going to have a GREAT birthday party and lots of fun!! We're having it at the bowling alley! I'll post pictures from it Saturday evening hopefully!


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fairylaura said...

Okay, this scared the beegeeses out of me! LOL!!! I thought it was real and I quickly closed it. Then I thought about it..and said.."It can't be." LOL!!! What a dork I am.