Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Drivers Lincense Renewal time

It's a fact of life if you want to drive in this nation, you must have a license. I think this is great, people need to know how to drive. Of course I also think we need something better to keep some of the morons off the road, like surprise driving tests here and there. Kind of like in the military surprise "pee tests" lol. @@

So, because my parents house is our home of record my renewal and test arrived at their house so my mom called to let me know and "warn" me that the prices have gone up. The last time I got my license which would have been 6 yrs ago, right before I left Germany the price I believe was 10.00. When Chad renewed his 4 yrs ago I believe the price had went up to 12 or 14.00. Not that bad.

Well know the great state of KS requires background checks, yes that is right. So I will get a reciept with my picture on it (looks like a grocery reciept) and then my actual license will show up in the mail a few weeks later.

Ok so I think that it's rediculous to do a background check and I'm pretty good at watching and listening to the news and never heard of this little "change" that I think I as a tax payer, KS resident, and American Citizen has the right to know when I'm going to be forced to have a background check. I already feel like too many people know too much about us and it's just another thing to tick me off.

Ok, so now we have to wait to actually get our license, but I also have to pay now OVER TWICE the amount that Chad paid last time...

It know costs us in KS $30.00 to get a new license. Maybe I'm cheap, well maybe we don't make squat since my dh is in the Great US Army and we're 1 child away from qualifying for Food Stamps (a whole other post...), but this license should last me 10 yrs. Of course I'm even fatter than I was 6 yrs ago, shoot I don't even have a goal to get as thin as I was 6 yrs ago, just a lot closer to that weight and size! So this picture is going to stay with me for a long time it should at least be with me for a stinking decade, but it only lasts 6 or 8 yrs, my mom couldn't remember.

I'm annoyed to say the least. I swear if the next step is retina scans and/or finger prints they can stick the license up their wazoo's.


Get ready, I think my next post will be about how close we are to welfare! :) Aren't you excited!!

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fairylaura said...

Hello! My name is Laura..I'm also a Military Wife. My husband is about to get deployed this month. I look forward to talking to you!!