Thursday, January 27, 2005

1 year ago

One year ago we got word, that 3 soldiers from Chad's company had died. Chad had just left the day before for Iraq, he called that day and I had to break it to him over the phone. It killed me to say those words to him.

The reality of the horrors of war hit me harder than I expected and the knot in my stomach stayed with me each and everyday from there on out.

One year ago, Captain Matthew August, 1st Sgt. James Hoffman, and Sgt. Moothart left this world. Co. August left a wife, 1st Sgt. Hoffman left his wife and granddaughter that they were/are raising, and other children, and Moothart was single, but left his parents and siblings.

On the 29th, the 4th soldier who was in this same ambush died. Our friend SSG Sean Landrus. He left his wife, Chris, their 3 children Kristen, Kenneth, and baby girl, Kennedy. Kennedy was only 4 wks old the day Sean left Sept 2003.

I'll write more about Sean on Saturday.

I'll never forget these brave men who died for our country, our freedoms, and another countries freedom:Iraq. They ARE hero's, not because they died, but because they were men just doing the job they loved. Too few people today volunteer for military service, only 1% of all Americans are serving Active Duty military. Each and everyone of them deserve a thank you. Each family who's had to say goodbye to their loved ones deserves a thank you, hug, and our hearts...because THEY gave ALL.



All gave some, some gave All.


pixiedustnme said...

That picture ALWAYS makes me cry >sniff<

fairylaura said...

How sad. It always feels more real when it happens close to home. Sending out a prayer for their families to help them through the days. This picture is so emotional. Thanks for letting us know about these guys.